Palin Pro-Gay With Retweet?

Sarah Palin retweeted the Twitter message of a conservative pundit that suggested support for DADT repeal

Former Alaska governor (and—gasp—rumored presidential hopeful) Sarah Palin caused considerable commotion in the media on Monday when she retweeted a Twitter message by conservative pundit Tammy Bruce that seemed to support the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Addressing the revelation that anti-gay videos were repeatedly show to members of the Navy serving on the USS Enterprise, Bruce, who is openly lesbian, posted this message to her Twitter account: “But this hypocrisy is truly too much. Enuf already—the more someone complains about the homos the more we should look under their bed.”

Bruce’s tweet followed the Navy’s announcement of the permanent dismissal of U.S. Navy Captain Owen Honors, who was second-in-command when the videos were shown and apparently responsible for their broadcasting.

Pundits and bloggers on both sides of the political spectrum immediately began interpreting Palin’s retweet as a possible indication, however subtle, of her support for the abolition of DADT. Palin has been less vocal on her opinion on DADT than other issues of LGBT equality: When asked about her stance on the former anti-gay military ban last February, Palin merely said, “Not right now.”





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