NYC Pride Announces Grand Marshals for 2013

Civil rights leaders will head Pride March in June

NYC Pride announced that it has selected Edith Windsor, Harry Belafonte and Earl Fowlkes as Grand Marshals for the 44th annual NYC LGBT Pride March. Each was chosen for his and her dedication, greatness and inspiration within the LGBT community.

Edith “Edie” Windsor will be taking her fight against DOMA all the way to the Supreme Court—with arguments scheduled to begin March 27—after paying more than $360,000 in federal estate taxes upon the death of her partner of 44 years. Legendary singer and humanitarian Harry Belafonte has been a longtime advocate for civil rights and universal equality on a global scale. Earl Fowlkes serves as the President/CEO of the Center for Black Equity, whose mission is to fight for health, social and economic equity in the black LGBT community.

“We believe this year will be historic. LGBT rights are expanding across the country and these individuals embody the soul of a movement far from over. They are tirelessly fighting for all of us,” said Chris Frederick, Managing Director of NYC Pride. “They are the great waves in a sea of hope: Edith’s never-ending battle for marriage equality, Harry’s unending fight for human rights, Earl’s focused leadership and selfless spirit. So with great pride, we congratulate them and honor them for their unwavering dedication to the idea of a more just and verdant future for all peoples.”

The Grand Marshals will lead this year’s LGBT Pride March, which runs from Midtown along 5th Avenue to the West Village along Christopher Street. For more information on the March and this year’s Grand

Marshals, including full biographies, please visit and click on the March tab.

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