Marga Gomez Scores a Hit with POUND

The talented comedian takes us on a wild cinematic journey in her new solo show.

If you’re 12 years old, culturally challenged and/or have been living under a proverbial rock for the past few decades, Marga Gomez’s new solo show, Pound, will be lost on you. But if those conditions don’t apply, congrats! You’re in for a riotously funny good time.

Staged at Dixon Place, as the centerpiece of HOT! Fest, the annual celebration of queer culture, Pound is Gomez’s high-speed tour through decades of lesbian cultural references—specifically, portrayals of lesbians in film and television. She riffs on everything from lesbian cult classics like The Killing of Sister George, to the wildly popular Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, to her own appearance in the 1998 sci-fi drama Sphere, to the 1992 bisexual blockbuster Basic Instinct, to the comparatively obscure 1960s flick The Fox. (What does the fox say? Die, dyke, die!)

Imagine the Energizer bunny in a red plaid, lumberjack-style shirt. That’s the energetic Gomez, who is a great physical comedian performing Pound (written by herself and directed by David Schweizer) as its own screenplay.

The context of this screenplay is not only the stream-of-consciousness trip through lesbian cinema, but also her “unwanted celibacy” and efforts to remedy that situation. (The show’s title is a reference to a certain penetrative sexual act.) Gomez peruses dating websites before “fortuitously” stumbling into a portal to “a cloud-based lesbian Bermuda Triangle where famous fictional lesbian and pseudo lesbian characters become real,” as the show’s press release informs us. And then the fun really begins!

With just two shows remaining on July 24 and 25, consider Pound a must-see. And check out our exclusive interview with Gomez by visiting the following link:

For more info and advance tickets, go to or call 212-219-0736. Dixon Place is located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan at 161A Chrystie St in NYC.

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