Hannah Gadsby Is Blessing Us With A New Live Comedy Show

Hannah Gadsby is back.

Hannah Gadsby, the indomitable comic who brought us “Nanette,” is back. This time, Gadsby will be touring with a new live show called “Douglas.” The “Douglas” referenced is one of Gadsby’s adorable dogs that is spotted at the end of “Nanette,” but reviews promise that Douglas the dog is merely a jumping-off point for a larger discussion around Gadsby’s signature topics like feminism and art history.


Although some were worried that Gadsby would no longer perform after “Nanette,” which in many ways called out comedy culture, Gadsby appears to be happy be back in front of a live audience, even saying that the new show touches on some of the aftermaths of “Nanette.” She told The Hollywood Reporter, “How does one who is well-practiced in the art of negative attention deal with a sudden influx of positive attention? [Douglas] is [based] around my inability to wrangle positive attention.”

The show has already opened in Australia to rave reviews. “After the heartbreak humour of Nanette and its beat-perfect delivery, Douglas feels like one of Hannah Gadsby’s trademark ‘thought orgies,’ vaulting precariously from thought to thought, from one needling idea to another, from wordplay to droll wordplay. The uproariously funny Douglas is part lecture, part stand-up and part tongue-in-cheek tirade. And it’s all heart,” The Australian wrote in a review. Count us in to watch one of Gadsby’s “thought orgies” anytime. 

The U.S. Tour of Douglas starts on April 29 in San Francisco and will conclude in New York City with a 4-week limited engagement starting July 23 at the Daryl Roth TheaterAnd if a new live show isn’t enough, Gadsby is also working on a book with Ballantine. 

If you haven’t watched “Nanette,” yet, you can catch the full special on Netflix—just be sure to grab some tissues before you start watching.

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