‘Levity & Justice For ALL: A Comedy Benefit For Project LPAC’ Will Leave You Feeling Both Empowered & Entertained

This star-studded event is a MUST for WorldPride | Stonewall 50!

WORLDPRIDE |STONEWALL 50 is just around the corner and over here at GO Magazine, we couldn’t possibly be more ecstatic to celebrate in the city in which Pride began (New York, obviously).A plethora of parties, events, fundraisers, and cultural happenings sparkle across the sun-adorned month of June and I, personally, can’t wait to tell you about one of my personal favorites: Levity & Justice for ALL – A comedy benefit for Project LPAC.
Before I break down the fierce fabulosity of this ~gAy-list~ event, allow me to kindly explain to what Project LPAC is, exactly. Project LPAC’s mission (according to their website) is to study, compile and disseminate empirical research about LGBTQ women as a political community, with a particular focus on those who are economically challenged, transgender women, and/or women of color. We will share the findings of this research with organizations, corporations and NGOs so that they can be fully inclusive in their efforts to empower and increase the involvement of LGBTQ women in society.”

An organization that empowers LGBTQ women politically is an organization we all need to be actively supporting now, more than ever. Pride boasts a ton of impressive events, but one that has such a vitally important purpose is the kind I feel proud to spend my money on.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff, babes. Let’s talk about the event! I’m not embellishing when I claim that I was met with full body chills when I discovered who was going to be appearing and performing at this year’s Levity and Justice for ALL (last year was epic, as well!). Hosted by the hilarious El Salomons, with featured guests such as Gloria Bigelow, Sydnee Washington, Emma Willman, Ana Fabrega, Gina Yashere, and musical guest Beth Malone — Levity and Justice For ALL is sure to be a star-studded, wildly-entertaining evening you’ll never forget. Sticking true to the Project LPAC mission, the event is honoring the groundbreaking LGBTQ women mayors of 2019 none other than the fierce Jane Castor of Tampa, the inspiring Lori Lightfoot of Chicago, and the remarkable Satya Rhodes-Conway of Madison!

Levity and Justice for ALL is the perfect event for all of us who are seeking humor and political empowerment at once (and let’s be serious, who the hell isn’t?). The event takes place on Tuesday, June 25 from 7:30-10pm at the PlayStation Theatre in New York and is co-chaired by Laura Ricketts, Alix Ritchie, and Joy Tomchin.

I attended Levity and Justice For ALL last year and it was (hand-to-heart) one of the most mind-blowing events I’ve ever attended in my life, thus far! I laughed till rainbow tears slid down my face. I learned heaps and heaps about all of the amazing up and coming LGTBQ political candidates. I felt wildly-empowered and hopeful for the future. I got to see some of my LGBTQ comedic idols perform and speak. And most importantly I shared a beautiful, dynamic evening with our unstoppable, loving and strong community. Nothing will make you feel more deeply connected to the LGBTQ family than an event like this.

And when stuck in the dark throes of a trying political climate, a night of community is precisely what we all desperately need. We need to be reminded of how powerful we are when we band together, as LGBTQ women.

Don’t be a lazy lesbian! Get your tickets today. Can’t wait to see you all there!

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