It’s Ruby Rose’s 37th Birthday, But She Won’t Be Celebrating

Brad Triffitt

Rose says this day has “never been a celebration.”

Today is beloved queer heartthrob Ruby Rose’s 37th birthday, but she has no intentions of celebrating. Last night, she uploaded a cryptic Instagram story that said, “logging off until the 21st. If you have followed me for long enough you know I don’t acknowledge tomorrow. I don’t celebrate that day.. that day has never been a celebration. Some have tried but it was never a celebration at the time and nor is it now. So please leave it for me this year.”

She deleted the post minutes later, but has been active on Instagram today, posting a story of her petting a dog from an animal shelter. It is unclear as to why Rose does not celebrate her birthday, or why she had planned to log out of her accounts. Though she said her birthday has never been a celebration, the model, DJ, and actor has celebrated her birthday publicly in the past, notably in 2019, with former Batwoman co-star Rachel Skarsten and You actress Elizabeth Lail.

Rose has been open about mental health struggles in the past, and so the post raised some concerns among fans. She is diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder and clinical depression, and has shared her struggles, including suicidal thoughts, with the public. Many news outlets have speculated about the star’s current mental state but Rose has not provided any statement to give context to her troubling birthday-eve post. Judging by her recent story petting a dog, we hope she is getting some good animal therapy and puppy love on this tough day.

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