‘La Camionera’ To Permanently Open This Weekend In London

Let’s go, lesbians!

A London lesbian bar is becoming a permanent reality and we have….TikTok to thank?

A few months ago, a lesbian pop-up bar drew in hundreds of queer women to Broadway Market in East London. A video of the crowded street quickly went viral.

@lleoworld LESBIANS UNITE #lesbianthings #lesbiansbelike #wlw #wlwtiktok ♬ The L Word Theme Song (The Way That We Live) (Full Version) – Betty

It was clear: the queer space was desperately needed and a small pop-up in the basement of a bar was simply not enough space. Since that night, the community raised nearly $100,000 on a kickstarter campaign to support the bar opening a permanent (and above-ground) space of their own.

Now, opening day is on the horizon. Founder Alex tells Nonchalant Magazine the bar is set to open this Saturday, May 18th. The renovated space will be an inclusive space for the FLINTA community.

“As a trans person, I can’t help but feel othered when spaces tack on whether I am / am not welcome. Let’s not let a minutiae of people control the dialogue – we’re stronger without them,” Alex said on Instagram as part of the opening announcement.


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The space has been completely renovated. Alex told Nonchalant, “We’ve built a custom bar, benches, and even concrete furniture for the outdoor area. It’s been a labor of love, that’s for sure!”

They say the bar is aiming for a “laidback atmosphere.” This will be reflected in their simple, yet diverse drink menu, which includes wine, gin, campari, vermouth, beer and non-alcoholic options.

If you’re hoping to grab a seat this Saturday, you’ll have to book in advance. The space hits capacity at 36 patrons, due to current license restrictions. Alex says they’ve applied for a license change, but that could take months to come through.



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