L Word Recap: Season 6 Episode 5

Our guest blogger Quinn recaps all the latest drama!

If you’re like me and playing the ‘drink every time someone is being mildly annoying on a cell phone or states some variation of the phrase ‘Schecter is dead’ game, the beginning of Episode 5 had you feeling pretty good.

Jenny continues to be the worst person on the planet, stealing Alice’s screenplay idea and selling it for zillions of dollars, then kindly inviting Alice to join her for a celebratory dinner.
Our heroine also continues to cling to Shane like a hot, neurotic barnacle, forcing them to have the classic but tedious ‘friendship vs. relationship’ discussion.
If anybody thought Tina was still standing in Bette’s shadow, they probably don’t anymore after watching her publicly rip Aaron a new one. Shut your piehole? I like it.

What else…apparently Alice and Tasha are going to make us wait another episode before making it happen with Jamie. As Kit says, it’s “dangerous biznass,” but when has that ever stopped anyone? Never ever ever. I just hope it’s worth the wait.

Dylan and Helena kiss and make up, after Dylan passes Alice’s cracked-out brainchild of a character test, involving Niki Stevens and some good old-fashioned identity theft. I feared a sappy reunion with too much talking, but dare I say, they’re sweet together. Personally, I miss the Dusty days, but I suppose Helena has come a long way since being some jacked convict’s bitch.

Oh yeah, and no one bothered to check on Max.

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