Janelle Monáe’s New Videos Just Dropped And They’re Queer AF

Whether or not Janelle is queer is NOT our business, but we sure do hope so because she is a queen!


Not only is “Make Me Feel” a total banger, we’re getting major ~queer vibes~ from this video. We’re never one to make assumptions about someone’s sexuality, but this seems pretty damn bisexual. Janelle is seen getting a little ~naughty~ on the dance floor. And also CRAWLING THROUGH A LINE OF WOMEN’S LEGS WEARING RAINBOW STOCKINGS.

Also, those see-through rose pants and cropped wife beater with no bra just made me even gayer, so yes, this video is queer.

There has been a ton of speculation about Janelle Monáe’s sexuality in the past, and we can’t help but wonder if this is a subtle way of coming out. Either way, this song will be sure to be your weekend jam, and this video your style inspo, and maybe your girlfriend inspo too.

Not only did she drop “Make Me Feel” today, she also dropped POWERHOUSE of a song “Django Jane.” You need to listen to this Black Girl Magic right now. Like now.

My sexuality is now Janelle wearing a suit saying “hit the mute button let the vagina have a monologue.”

Both singles appear on her forthcoming album Dirty Computer, out April 27. “I actually had this title on this concept before my first album The ArchAndroid, and it scared me because a lot of the things that I knew that I needed to say were very deep, very personal, from the heart,” Janelle told The Electric Lady. “You know, this is an extremely vulnerable album and it took me a while to make it because I’m a self editor.”

Whether or not Janelle is queer is not our business, but we sure do hope so because she is a queen. Congratulations on two incredible songs, two incredible videos, and a new album, Janelle. We love you!

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