Janelle Monáe’s Mom Reacts To The ‘Lipstick Lover’ Video

“Are you gon’ be able to show that new booty all the time on, uh… the YouTube?”

By now you have probably seen the sapphic sensation that is Janelle Monáe’s new song and video, “Lipstick Lover.” The queer masterpiece dropped on Thursday of last week and sent the internet into a tizzy. (As did a video of Monáe flashing their boobs at a party celebrating her song’s release.)

Fans are in love with the NSFW video, but what about Monáe’s mom? Today, the singer posted a video to their Instagram that showed their mother’s reaction to their latest creative endeavor.

In the video, Monáe is FaceTiming their mom as she gives her first impression to “Lipstick Lover” prior to its official release. The song is the first sample of Monáe’s fourth album The Age of Pleasure, which is due out June 2.

As we all know by now, because — be honest — we’ve all watched it a million times, the video celebrates queer love and the female body in all its way. Shots of Monáe cuddling up to a perfect booty, showing off her boobs in a wet t shirt, and having as grand old time on a bed full of sex toys are just a few of the highlights of “Lipstick Lover.”

“Oh… that’s cool!” Monáe’s mother said over FaceTime after watching the “Lipstick Lover” video. “Only thing, though, are you gon’ be able to show that new booty all the time on, uh… the YouTube?”

“Yeah, they said we could,” Monáe quipped back.

“It’s a nice song,” Monáe’s mom continued. “If people don’t get hysterical about the booty so bad, if they just listen to the lyrics and the song, you gon’ go triple.”

“I’m gonna go triple what?” Monáe asked.

“Triple on it. Triple, uh…. triple golden.”

“I love you, mama,” Monáe responded, laughing.

In the Instagram caption, Monáe wrote: “I love my mama so damn much. Her reaction to seeing Lipstick Lover. She keeps me in stitches.”

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