Indigo Girls To Livestream Weekly Concerts Ahead Of Their Album Release

The Indigo Girls are here to serenade you every Thursday night until their new album comes out.

The Indigo Girls are releasing their first full-length album in five years, “Look Long,” on May 22. To celebrate, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers are livestreaming a concert for fans every week until the album comes out.

“Look Long” will be this iconic duo’s 16th album. The pair just released a new single from the album, a ballad titled “Country Radio.” The song is about “a gay kid in a small town who loves country radio,” as the lyrics describe.

“This song is the way I felt doing those four-hour drives from Nashville to Atlanta, listening to country music radio,” Saliers explained, per Rolling Stone. “I could almost put my own life story in these songs, but I can’t. There’s a lot of self-homophobia that I’ve had to work on in my own life that plays into this as well.”

During the upcoming livestreamed concerts, Ray and Saliers will be taking requests and answering questions from fans. They also plan to follow social distancing protocols for the performance.

The Indigo Girls were one of the earliest musical acts to embrace virtual livestreamed concerts during the coronavirus pandemic. They had a performance on March 19 that about 80,000 people watched.

“We were amazed and honored to have so many folks tuning in the last time we did a live stream,” Ray said in a press release. “Especially cool is the way the community comments to each other and gets super connected and engaged. We need that kind of connection in this world and we feel so lucky to have all y’all!  So glad Emily and I can do this and have access to some internet.”

The concerts will take place every Thursday evening until the album comes out on May 22. Dates include May 7, May 14, and May 21st at 7 p.m. EST on Facebook and Instagram.


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