Horoscopes For Queer Women: Ushering In A New Year, Thank GOD

The New Moon on January 13th is a great time to set your intentions for the month and year ahead.

As we usher in a new year, now is a good time to both reflect on the year we’ve had (it’s been a doozy!) and look ahead to what 2021 will bring us. With the sun in Capricorn at the start of the month, it’s a good time to check things off your to-do list that have been languishing there once and for all. When Aquarius season begins on the 19th our thoughts will turn outwards as we look toward ways to reimagine the world we want to live in, and what we can do for our community and world. This month is about setting intentions and creating a new reality. The New Moon on January 13th is a great time to set your intentions for the month and year ahead. Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius on January 30th, but we’ll cover that in next month’s horoscopes. For now, let’s see what January 2021 will bring. Read for both your sun and rising signs!

Your ruling planet of Mars has been in an extended retrograde, which likely had you wondering where to put all of your attention and energy and maybe feeling a little off course. Once you brush off the dust of the past year, Mars will move into Taurus on January 6th, which will help bring insights into where you can best place your attention. This is a particularly good month for thinking about where and how you want to earn your month. The New Moon on the 13th will put the spotlight on your career and money pursuits. This is a fabulous opportunity to set new goals and be rewarded for the ones you’ve already met at work. Also, think about how you can turn your energetic impulses into benefits for not only you and your family but for the greater good. 


When Mars moves into your sign on January 6th, your normally calming and relaxing energy may make you feel more restless. Channel this energy into something positive — take that fiery passion and use it to be extra productive and advocate for yourself. Before you bite anyone’s head off, instead use that energy for something meaningful and productive. 2020 has been a year that required you to let go of your habits and behaviors that no longer served you. Change isn’t easy for anyone, especially a Taurus, but this evolution you are undergoing doesn’t have to be all scary and bad. Take it slow, give yourself lots of grace (and time to relax!), and let the changes unfold. 


This month may start off slowly and quietly for you, Gemini, but that’s just what’s on the surface. Now is the perfect time to have deep, heart-probing conversations with your loved ones and ask yourself the bigger, deeper questions you may have been avoiding the past year. Take the time to truly listen to your heart and the thoughts and desires of others. Use this new-found knowledge to increase levels of intimacy in your relationships and with yourself. When the sun moves into Aquarius on the 19th, you’ll be feeling stronger and ready to take on new challenges. If the opportunity for a new change of pace comes, consider saying “yes” — but not before you weigh all of the details and look at the possible outcome from every angle. 


This month kicks off with love (even more than usual!) for you, sweet Cancer. As Venus moves into the part of your chart that represents love on the 8th, you will be feeling even more sensitive and tender-hearted than usual. If conflict or drama comes your way, don’t hesitate to prioritize self-care and self-love. You are just as deserving of compassion and understanding as anyone else. You don’t have to please everyone all of the time. With the Full Moon in Leo on the 28th, you’ll have lots to release. Finances will be a theme too, so consider how your spending habits are affecting you (be honest with yourself!) and your partnership(s). Make sure transactions are fair. It doesn’t have to be “tit for tat” but things should be as equitable as possible in your relationships, monetary and otherwise. 


Now is the perfect time to make your career-related intentions and goals for the year ahead. Mars finds its way into your career sector on the 6th, which will help super-charge your work energies and ambitions. Time to roll up your sleeves and get to work! Be careful not to burn yourself out, though. You may be tempted to work longer hours or take on more than you usually do, but don’t forget that even the shiniest and most amazing Leo needs to rest. If conflict comes your way, do your best to ignore it. Equality and fairness in your relationships will be highlighted this month. Giving love and care should not be a one-way thing. Check-in with everyone you care for and about to make sure they know you love them as much as they love you.


No one is as good at setting goals (and reaching them!) as you, Virgo. This year, make sure your resolutions focus on not just meeting your self-improvement goals but include ways you can expand, too. Don’t make your goals so huge that you have to sacrifice your happiness or restrict yourself from something or someone you love just so you can meet them. You can commit to eating healthier without banishing all sweets from your diet, for example. Not everything has to be so extreme. Make sure “take breaks” is a part of your vocabulary to yourself this month. Self-care is a big deal for you, so be sure you take time to put down the phone, put down your to-do list, and spend time bonding with the ones you love most. Another big year is only beginning for you; rest is important, too. 


As you usher in a new year, you’ll be craving a change in your exterior world. You may feel compelled to redecorate your space or buy a whole new wardrobe to “reinvent” your look. There are ways to do this that don’t break the bank, and you’ll find them! Just as your attention is on the aesthetic, be sure you contribute to your relationships and tend to those, too. The Full Moon on the 28th will have your attention on your relationships with others. You may be called to be the peacekeeper more often than not at the end of the month. You’ll feel ready and able to help others solve problems and find peace, as long as you’re making sure your needs are met, too. Listen to your intuition before acting on any impulses this month. There’s nothing wrong with taking risks, but don’t do it at the expense of your self-worth and happiness. 


Your feelings may be more intense than ever as we kick off the New Year, Scorpio. You’ll feel extra driven and passionate about your hobbies and pastimes and can use that energy to tap into your creative side. Just as your passions are flaring, so too is your temper, so be sure to take the opportunity to calm down before you have words with anyone who has upset you. You’ll be challenged to cultivate a deeper understanding of how you react to people, things, and life events. Journaling can help you on this path to self-discovery and healing. 


The year kicks off asking you to step up in your responsibilities and step away from the childish hijinks you may be tempted to engage in. With the sun in your house of finances and Mars moving into your wellness sector, now is the time to get serious with your budget and improve your self-care routine. This may mean settling down a little and not acting immediately on your impulses. If you are itching for change, make small strides first. eDon’t make a big leap before you’ve test-driven what the outcome may be. You’ll have the opportunity to break free from responsibilities and anything that ties you down toward the end of the month when the moon is full on the 28th. You’ll release what is holding you back and give yourself the boost of refreshing energy you’ll need to take the plunge into where your heart is calling you. 


You’re always hardworking, Capricorn, and your work usually pays off. This month, give yourself the chance to let your hair down and celebrate. Finances are likely to be top of mind, so look for creative ways to make some cash without wearing yourself too thin. Have some fun this month; the planet of love and beauty (Venus) moves into your sign on January 8th, and it’s the perfect time for flirting, indulging, and letting loose. You don’t have to break the bank to do it; settle in with your lover and/or friends and have a movie or games night. Remember: You’re not squandering your time away when you “play,” but rather, you’re living life to its fullest. 


Your thoughts will be firing off at a rapid pace this month as Mercury moves into your sign on the 8th. You’ll be full of ideas, eager to put them into action and share them with others. Before you start announcing your plans, sit with them for a while before taking action. Really think things through from every angle — a true Aquarius gift! If you find yourself anxious or stressed, take time out for quiet. Spend time in nature to find that sense of inner peace and tranquility. Personal development may also be on your mind as you kick off your birthday season on the 19th.  Let yourself step outside of your comfort zone and share your gifts with the world. We need your Aquarian ideas and way of being in the world now more than ever! 


Responsibilities — both personal and community — will take up the bulk of your attention this month, dear Pisces. When Mars moves into your house of communication on the 6th, you’ll be feeling ready to take everything on in the way you know how: heart-led and kind. It’s not always easy to stay organized when duty calls, so keep yourself straight with to-do lists, a schedule, and even good old fashioned post-it notes throughout the house. By mid-month, you’ll be longing for a little self-care, and when Aquarius season begins, it is the perfect time to take it. Settle in and reflect on the past year, and set new goals for the month and year ahead with the New Moon on the 19th. You may be feeling a little melancholy as your birthday approaches, so don’t be afraid to pivot your self-care routine into one that sets you up for success. 

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