Horoscopes For Queer Women: Lez Holiday Cheer & Manifesting Next Year

With the festive season upon us, the planets promise a “go big or go home” vibe.

As we begin to close out 2021 (what a year!), the last eclipse of this current cycle occurs in Sagittarius on December 3 and 4. This eclipse wraps up what began in Spring 2020, and ushers in a powerful new beginning.

The full moon in Gemini on December 18th will force us to reconsider fear-based choices and power dynamics in our relationships. Winter solstice begins in Capricorn on December 21, and you may notice you feel inspired to brainstorm the goals you want to set for the year ahead.

With the festive season upon us, the planets promise a “go big or go home” vibe over the coming weeks, as we’re inspired to learn, travel, celebrate, and set our sights on what we want to manifest and experience in 2022.


While pushing yourself to fill your life with adventure is pretty much your jam, Sagittarius season makes the fire inside of you burn even stronger. When the solar eclipse occurs on the 4th, you may feel motivated to embrace new beginnings and take a leap to fulfill your biggest dreams. This might look like booking an impromptu trip to a new (to you) destination or finally enrolling in that course you’ve been considering. Whatever you choose, this month is all about broadening your horizons and your understanding of the world and how you can make your mark, Aries.


Your longing for authentic connection ramps up this month, as you focus on what you need in your relationships to feel comfortable and secure. Your inner circle of family and friends are particularly important this month. The solar eclipse and new moon fall in your intimacy zone, and you’ll feel introspective about your relationships, sex, and what it means to truly share your life and heart with someone else. Are you willing to let go of the need to control things in order to have the life you dream of? By mid-month, you’ll be feeling inspired to create new experiences for yourself. Let go of the need for comfort and security and let your adventurous side take over.


The sun is moving through your partnership zone, and you may feel a yearning for one-on-one time with those you care most about. Expect some changes around your partnerships and friendships around December 4. The bonds you share with others that are helping you grow will get stronger, while others who no longer align with your vibe may fizzle. By mid-month you’ll be feeling more secure about speaking up for yourself in regards to what you truly need from others. Spend some time thinking about your long-term professional goals, and consider giving your public image a boost in order to make new connections and get to where you want to be this time next year.


The Universe is urging you to focus on how you can carve time for balance, wellness, and getting (and staying!) organized in your daily routine. The eclipse on December 4 will serve as inspiration for ditching your unhealthy patterns and habits — particularly the ones you know are self-damaging but can’t seem to quit. Change is hard, but it’s absolutely crucial to your progress. Get clear about what you want from the people closest to you, and do your best to communicate your needs and desires honestly. Speaking your truth is empowering, and will help you reach for the dreams you have for yourself in love, your career, and friendships.


If you’ve been pouring your heart and soul into your creative projects and spending time engaging in light-hearted, fun activities, then you’re on the right path. If not, no worries! The eclipse on December 4 will highlight all the ways you’ve been holding yourself back from playful, life-giving pursuits and light a fire in you to prioritize sharing your vision and dreams with the world in a creative, fun way. By the end of the month, be sure to prioritize your time to focus on the bonds that matter most to you. This is the time to let go of any connections that are holding you back from your progress and living your best life.


You’ve been organizing, nesting, and hibernating in the last couple of weeks, and that energy will continue this month. The eclipse on December 4 will nudge you to consider your support system and find ways to make any necessary changes to help you feel more supported and stable in the future. Self-expression will come easier for you during this time, and you may feel inspired to get out and make magical holiday memories with friends and family. Find time to streamline your romantic and creative endeavors, and focus only on what you know will benefit you in the long run.


Your desire for connection and socializing is stronger than ever, and your social life is booming this holiday season. Consider laying the groundwork for a new collaboration or partnership that satisfies both your creative and social sides. Your family relationships and home life will be at the forefront of your mind by mid-month, as you consider the ways those closest to you are helping (or not helping) you feel secure and meet your goals — or not. Give yourself the chance to step out of your comfort zone and stop putting off that adventure that’s been calling to you. Prioritize your time later in the month to spend time with those who know you best, and can offer you secure and protected as you take a leap of faith into this new beginning.


Your finances require your attention — what changes can you make to your work habits to increase your productivity (and pay)? Do you feel valued at work? If not, what can you do to get the respect you deserve? These are the questions to chew on the days leading up to the eclipse on December 4. While you’re focusing on how you can secure the bag, don’t forget to spend time with friends and colleagues who help you feel your best. By mid-month, healing within your closest relationships is on the menu. Spend some time assessing how much energy you put into your friendships/relationships and what you get back. Spend less energy on those who lack reciprocity, and get real with yourself about the connections with people who prioritize you and your heart.


If you’re exhausted from the epic journey that 2021 brought you on, give yourself some grace. Grief shows up in unexpected ways, and it may take some time for you to connect the dots and incorporate the lessons you’ve learned into your day-to-day life. Focus on the big picture, and what you can do to switch up your routine in a way that matches your heart, values, and goals. Stand strong in your sense of self and purpose — even if you feel uncertain at the moment, know that this too shall pass. By mid-month, you’ll consider how your relationships are hindering or helping your success and happiness. Setting boundaries and saying “no” when you want to is healing and will help you feel strong in who you are and your place in this world.


You’re feeling chattier and more outgoing than usual. This may come as a surprise to everyone around you, including yourself. You’ve been working through some emotional wounds from years past, and it’s been a heavy year. Open your heart to invite joy in this month — you deserve moments of unbridled happiness. Let others do things for you this month, even if it feels like it goes against everything in your nature. You’ll be pleasantly reminded that it feels good to be taken care of from time to time. When the emotions come in waves, knocking you down, resolve yourself to hold on to hope and the vision of a bright future.


While you’ve been feeling introspective throughout the pandemic and maybe a little incredulous at all that’s going on, your mind hasn’t had much of a time for a break. Now’s the time to share what you’re dreaming up with others. The world needs your ideas, thoughts, and visions. Your personal aspirations and goals may have taken a back seat in recent months, but now’s the time to revisit and evaluate your dreams and let yourself chase them. Even if you don’t feel equipped to plan for the coming year, spend some time writing down all the things you wish to see/do/manifest into your life in 2022.


You may feel a deep longing to live the life you truly want to lead — one that sparks your creativity, fills your heart, elevates your soul, and helps others. You may feel like all of your daydreaming is wasted time, but your dreaming is what will embolden you to take the steps you need to in order to do what you want to do and be your authentic self, rather than being who and what others expect you to be. Your tender heart will feel uplifted around the eclipse on December 4. Use this energy to give yourself permission to do what your heart’s asking you to do.

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