Horoscopes For Queer Women: New Beginnings

Summer is over. Back to school, back to work.

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Back to school, back to work.

Saturn finishes retrograding and stations direct this Thursday. It’s been in retrograde since April, making us review the things we want to take seriously. Are these things worth the attention that we give them? What warrants work that’s fulfilling and sustainable? What do we want as the payoff? What is the game of consequences we are playing by ourselves? Saturn going direct may require that you make a decision. You might get busy. Check in with yourself about how that feels, and take the time you need to take to relax before Thursday.

You shouldn’t come back to the same old problems with the same old mentality. Rather, you might find different problems with a new mentality. The issues of yesteryear may not matter anymore. Your current struggle begins now.

Check in with your affirmations and plans. Have a solid understanding of what you want to accomplish this year.

The week finishes the the Virgo new moon, bringing us the emotional reset we all need, during this time of new beginnings. It may feel counterintuitive to prioritize rest when we’re just getting back into the grind. It’s just the right time for it. Never lose sight of the bigger picture as you begin your life work once more.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


The job that you did last year is no longer as relevant as it was when you applied. You need to make decisions about your career and what you call yourself just to keep going at this point. What will help you make the wise decision, and choose timeless meaning, is keeping true to your biological rhythms and sense of flow. Keep present, alert, and curious.


Who is your new role model? Who are the people, usually older than you but sometimes younger, that you gravitate towards? You’re hungry for new sources of learning, instruction, and understanding. This drive towards wisdom has you both looking for uncentered experiences, and unsatisfied with anything that is simply relevant without weight. Look for what’s timeless.


You understand what you mean in the world a little better, all those associations that your name brings up which you cannot control. Take your power back. Let yourself know what you want to claim symbolically and be honest about it. This will help steady your aim in life and consolidate your sense of willpower. Love yourself when no one else knows how to do it right.


Make the hard decisions about relationships for yourself, instead of pushing them all on a partner to do. If this means breaking up with someone for the first time, that may be necessary. If this means committing despite fear, then it’s also time to. You’re taking control of your relationships, finally, in a safe and mature way. Keep it up.


Push past something obstructing your path at work. You need to make a decision about something, whether it’s extremely frustrating or almost invisible, that will cut your self worth in half as you continue to work the same way. Your number one priority should be to love yourself, and fill your days loving yourself. Find out what’s wrong at work and take control back.


Just be you. This time of life is the perfect time for you to be you. Go to the library, see your sisters, find your flow again. Every activity you do, from waking up to going to bed, has the potential for a flow state. Establish new rituals that make this state of being present available for yourself. Notice small details in the world as you go about your business.


Be honest to yourself about your goals and your needs. Don’t put on a show for others. Resist the tendency to be the good person, or the good ally. Instead, just figure out what you need and where you’re at. You need to spend this week trying to be as clear and honest as possible, because it’s these goals that will bring you into tomorrow.


You need to set up boundaries for yourself and any romantic partner for the relationship to continue. It’s time to buckle down on how much of yourself you give away for free, just so you feel that someone out there needs you in their life. Control your own need for power and influence. You have more going on than your ability to read others.


There’s changes happening in your career and money. Make sure you have the right energy to live through them all. You need to start thinking about your life work in a whole new way, so that you’re creating your own trends rather than following others. You need to start taking back your value, and sustain your best self. Make hard decisions.


You’re a leader, and it’s time to start being one. There’s people who are desperately in need of your guidance. Be your own role model, and you’ll inspire your generation. You’ve leveled up this summer, and become just that much wiser. Show off that wisdom so anyone who sees you knows what you’ve managed to achieve. Become an inspirational story.


Wait for just a little while longer. Saturn and Mars are coming back around and they’ll be in your sign soon. You’ll get busy soon enough. For now, consider what might not be working about your need for constant business. Trade off doing little tasks all day long for more chill time and decisions that move larger things. Adjust structures before you get back to work.


Understand the world and you’ll understand your present. Understand the past and you’ll understand the future. You’re born a prophet, Pisces. The stuff of your dreams is made of history, which repeats itself. Understand your own past and you’ll understand where you’re headed, as well as every choice you have, and what happens when you lose them.

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