Happy Lesbian Day of Visibility 2022!

Today we celebrate – what else? – all things lesbian.

Happy Lesbian Day of Visibility! 

Today we celebrate – what else? – all things lesbian: the strides we have made to ensure our legal rights and personal freedoms; our collective ability to live openly as our authentic selves; our greater visibility in the media; and our general fabulousness, just for being ourselves. 

First started in 2008 by Linda Riley to promote awareness of lesbian and lesbian rights’, Lesbian Day of Visibility was extended last year into Lesbian Visibility Week – because one day just isn’t enough.  

This year’s Lesbian Visibility Week has already gifted us a few treats. The second season of Gentleman Jack, a fictionalized biopic about the life of 19th-century lesbian Anne Lister, debuted Monday on HBO. Jeopardy! super-champ and out lesbian Mattea Roach continued her winning streak last night to claim her 15th consecutive victory. And it’s only Tuesday.

But despite the progress we’ve made, lesbian rights – and, more broadly, LGBTQ+ rights – are not guaranteed. Across the United States, Republican-controlled legislatures have followed Florida’s lead by promoting legislation that restricts LGBTQ+ content in schools and libraries. We continue to debate what rights to afford, or to restrict for, trans women and minors. 

In Hungary, the conservative government continues to wage war on a lesbian organization that published an inclusive book of fairytales. In Ukraine, lesbian activists have created a network to help relocate lesbian and queer refugees looking to escape persecution under the looming threat of Russian occupation.  

This year, we have much to celebrate, but we also have much to fight for, still. So stay out and proud. Speak out. Be your fabulous and visible lesbian self. 

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