100 Women We Love: Hannah Hart

We are thrilled to present the 2013 list of 100 Women We Love – Including…

Effervescent comedian and aspiring soubrette Hannah Hart enjoys long, meandering walks, impromptu dance parties, artisanal cheeses, and, of course, ladies. As well as drinking while cooking, she admits. If you’ve logged onto the worldwide “interweb” anytime in the past couple years, you’ve seen My Drunk Kitchen, Hart’s hilarious web series about “libation and liberty in the state of post-modern America.” Almost immediately after the first webisode, her fans demanded she take the show on the road, and after working to raise some funds, she obliged. Lately she’s being touring the United States and Canada doing stand-up comedy and meeting fans, and helping soup kitchens, food banks, and other charities along the way. Hart encourages fans to donate canned goods or volunteer to work a volunteer shift with her—basically, using her powers, and love of food, to spread a little love and laughter. “I’ve had so much good fortune over these past few years through positivity and faith of others. The best way to utilize that momentum is to pay it forward,” she says. Hart’s message to the LGBT community is her message to everyone, no sugar coating needed: “Don’t be ashamed of your mistakes. Learn from them!” –QW

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