‘I’ve Never Felt Like That In My Life’ Says Miranda Hobbes After Having A Queer AF Hook Up

We totally get it, Miranda. 

Yesterday’s episode of “And Just Like That,” the reboot of the popular HBO comedy/drama, “Sex and the City,” has Miranda (played by out actress Cynthia Nixon) experience her first queer hook-up with Carrie’s friend Che (played by non-binary actor Sara Ramirez).

When last we saw the pair, they’d had a sexy exchange following one of Che’s shows, which Miranda attended with Carrie and Charlotte. Earlier in the episode, Miranda confessed to her friends that she was having a difficult time in her marriage with Steve. 

In this latest episode, things between them heat up, and quickly, after Carrie is forced to undergo hip surgery (a nightmare for any high heel-wearing fashionista). Miranda is staying at Carrie’s to help out post-surgery, and while her friend is napping, invites Che to the apartment. Tequila is had, along with some marijuana which, of course, leads the pair to their seemingly-inevitable sex scene. 

For the cherry on top of this gay sundae, the episode was written by out writer Samantha Irby. 

Despite the hookup, Miranda remains married to Steve, although in a later confrontation with Carrie – whose nap was disturbed by the noisy encounter in her kitchen – she confesses to hating her marriage. She’s also not ready to give things up with Che, either. “I don’t know if I want to quit that,” she says. “I’ve never felt like that in my life.”

We totally get it, Miranda. 

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