Give Yourself a Hand: Queer Women Surveyed on Masturbation


Looks like lesbians really do love a DIY project.

In honor of May being National Masturbation Month, queer dating app HER recently published the findings from the Her Pride & Pleasure Survey. This is a topic that seemed to resonate with a lot of HER users, with 77% of respondents masturbating at least once a week, and 14% masturbating at least once a day. Here’s what else the over 4000 respondents ended up revealing about their masturbatory habits:

For one, it’s clear where the queer community falls on the analog vs. digital debate, with 70% of queer people surveyed using sex toys when masturbating. It’s just like the line in the potential song of the summer “Red Wine Supernova” says, “I heard you like magic? I’ve got a wand and a rabbit!” Queer women apparently love magic. Of those using sex toys while masturbating, 81.4% say they are using vibrators, and 43.7% are using dildos. 32.9% are enjoying the ever widening selection of suction cup toys, while 14.7% decided not to reinvent the wheel and are masturbating with a shower head.

And of course, everyone knows that queer people are big fans of eating out, but it may be shocking to find out just how much we’re all taking ourselves to dinner. Fun fact: “taking yourself to dinner” is my #1 favorite euphemism for masturbation, and has only caused a severe miscommunication in my life once! According to the survey, 71% of respondents said that they have discussed masturbation with their partner, and 65% have engaged in mutual masturbation with their partner. You know what they say- two’s cumpany, but three’s a crowd! Unless, you’re in a polycule consisting of you, a female roommate, and a male roommate whom you’ve told your landlord is gay- then three’s company, too.

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