File This Under Delightfully Random News: Stacey Abrams Is A Romance Writer!


“As my first novels, they remain incredibly special to me.”

Had she not gone into politics, Stacey Abrams might have launched a career as a romance writer. 

On Tuesday, Berkley, an imprint of Penguin Random House, announced that it had acquired the rights to three romance novels that Abrams wrote nearly two decades ago under the pen name Selena Montgomery. The three novels — “Rules of Engagement,” “The Art of Desire,” and “Power of Persuasion” — are part of a trilogy which Abrams began working on during her final year in law school at Yale. 

The books, which are now out of print, will be reissued by Berkley in 2022. 

“As my first novels, they remain incredibly special to me,” said Abrams in a statement. “The characters and their adventures are what I’d wished to read as a young Black woman — stories that showcase women of color as nuanced, determined, and exciting.”

Abram’s first three novels, which were originally published by Arabesque, were followed by five others which she wrote between law school and her earliest days as a Georgia state Representative, NPR reports. While the latter books have been reissued since their original publication, the trilogy remains more difficult to come by; NPR reports that used copies can cost upwards of $100. 

“As Selena and as Stacey, I am proud to be part of the romance writing community and excited that Berkley is reintroducing these stories for new readers and faithful fans,” Abrams said.

In addition to the eight books published under her pen name, Abrams is also the author of two nonfiction books and the upcoming legal thriller, “While Justice Sleeps,” which is set to hit shelves May 11.

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