The Dish: Sarah Paulson Has the Best Reaction to Seeing Madonna at the Met Ball, Lesbian Love Wins in New Bleachers Music Video

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I tweeted this photo of Sarah Paulson reacting to seeing Madonna at the Met Ball last night and it ended up in a Bustle article. (For the record, I really did see KStew at a West Hollywood vegan restaurant that has a kick ass lesbian chef. It was a big moment for me.)


Madonna Instagrammed a response to SP, BTW. She was here for that hilarious face.

Some queer women we love are up for Tony Awards this year, including Paula Vogel and her lesbian-themed play “Indecent” (Best Play, Best Lighting, Best Direction) and Cynthia Nixon for “Lillian Hellman’s The Little Foxes” (Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Play). Root for them when the Tonys air live on CBS June 11 (which is also Pride in L.A., so even gayer than usual).

The Supreme Court is upholding a ban on gay conversion therapy despite appeals from conservatives who think “it interferes with their right to practice their religious beliefs.” Because forcing LGBTQ teens to hate themselves is necessary for select therapists to feel successful in their Christianity, I suppose.

My favorite segment on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” is Jokes Seth Can’t Tell where he brings on two writers on his staff Amber Ruffin (“I’m black!”) and Jenny Hagel (“I’m gay!”) to share jokes they’ve written that the straight, white, male host can’t deliver himself. On last night’s episode, there’s a quip about the closing of Phase 1, and America Ferrera joins in at the end as the “back-up Latina.”

The EVERYBODY gym in Los Angeles is for LGBTQs and anyone who feels uncomfortable in regular fitness centers. Co-owner Sam Rypinski wants to provide the queer community a space to get healthy, and not just physically. Current expansion plans include “wellness rooms that will feature everything from massages to healing arts programming in collaboration with Queer Care, a collective of queer healers and herbal practitioners who do everything from Reiki to acupuncture to tarot.” We are slowly creating our own utopia, and I love how nervous that makes the straights.

Queer Asian filmmaker/actress Vera Miao premiered an episode from her new anthology “Two Sentence Horror Stories” at Tribeca recently, and she said she chose the scary movie genre “to explore contemporary social issues and centralizing people of color or queer people in those stories.” I love a lesbian final girl. Here’s a clip from the episode, “Ma”:

If you love Eileen Myles and want to check out a new read she recommends, she shared some of her favorites with Verso. “Renee Gladman,” she offered. “She’s fantastic, she’s an African-American dyke, she’s a prose writer but she travels with the poets. Her most recent book is called Calamities, published by a press called Wave. She’s amazing.” SOLD. Here’s a spectacular piece from Renee, “Proportion Surviving.”

Out lesbian Elisa Kreisinger hosts a really fun show/podcast called Strong Opinions Loosely Held, and she went to Not the White House Correspondents Dinner armed with a fun game for the purple carpet: “Republican or ‘Handmaid’s Tale’?” She asks Tegan and Sara, Retta, Samantha Bee and other celebrities in attendance to distinguish if these asinine lines were spoken by a real politician or written in the fictitious new dystopian series.

We should be showing more love to leatherdykes, who don’t get enough respect. They’re a huge part of our lesbian herstory, especially as second-wave feminism challenged ideas of S&M and public displays of sexually-explicit Sapphicness before the third wave embraced owning your own body and sexuality.

Speaking of leather mommies, there’s one in the new Lena Dunham-directed Bleachers video, and she swoops in to save her woman from a loveless heterosexual marriage (natch).

Kentucky Family Court judge W. Mitchell Nance is recusing himself from same-sex adoption cases because he is just so homophobic, he couldn’t be impartial. Related: I hate when people seriously use the phrase “practicing homosexual,” like it’s a job we show up or could take the day off from.

You know you’ve truly made it when the tabloids speculate on your marriage. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been the focus of gossip rags for a bit now, but this latest development is LOL-worthy. According to “anonymous sources” (of course), Ellen is stepping out on her wife with Drew Barrymore. Because Drew is bisexual, so, you know, she is clearly just so ready and willing to break up  America’s favorite lesbian marriage and be hated forever.

There are subtle differences in the queer, bisexual and pansexual identities, so they can be used individually or interchangeably. Really, it’s whatever the fuck you want and I support you.

Congrats to the queer couples who married in Tokyo over the weekend. Same-sex marriage is not legal in Tokyo, but The Wedding Festival for Everybody wanted to raise visibility for the fight for marriage equality. Everyone looks so happy in the photos!

There’s a reason why comic books were so heteronormative for so long, and it’s because of the Code Authority. Rules about “illicit sex relations,” “sexual abnormalities” and “sex perversion” kept explicit LGBTQ characters out of the pages until 1989, which was partly inspired by the aftermath of the AIDS epidemic. This is an understatement, I know, but it’s all too often that something so tragic had to happen for our community to become worthy of respect or inclusion in any way.

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