The Dish: Samira Wiley Gets Personal, Beth Ditto Releases New Single

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Happy Tuesday!

The NCAA has dropped their boycott of North Carolina after the state’s repeal of HB2, saying the new agreement “met their standards, and “In the end, a majority on the NCAA Board of Governors reluctantly voted to allow consideration of championship bids in North Carolina by our committees that are presently meeting.” All this despite the fact the repeal was a bunch of B.S. and will still allow for discrimination against trans people in bathrooms.

San Antonio has a resident queer historian, professor and researcher named Amy Stone who talks with the local Current about the city’s long-running drag competition, Cornyation.

A new book (“Out of the Neon Closet: Queer Community in the Silver State”) chronicles Nevada’s LGBTQ history, and you can listen to a lengthy interview with author Dennis McBride on KNPR.

Newlywed Samira Wiley covers the new issue of New York magazine’s The Cut this week where she discusses her fear of being typecast in gay roles after “Orange is the New Black,” and a lengthy, detailed backstory on how she became the star we all know and love. (Lot’s of tidbits on her marriage and new role in “The Handmaid’s Tale,” too!) A quote on how her wedding photo was mistaken as BFFs getting married when posted on the internet:

“I think about when I was a young girl, [what it would have meant] to be able to look up to people who I could identify with, and to see them in positions of power and in positions of doing what I wanted to do. I think I really realized how important that is. Even if I’m not breathing it down people’s necks, I feel like my protest is walking down the street holding Lauren’s hand. Putting pictures of ourselves kissing on Instagram so people don’t think, no, they’re just friends. Just living my life openly and honestly, and having that be a protest.”

The Cut

At The Badger Herald: “The LGBTQ+ community doesn’t need your fake sympathy.” It’s about allies who use “protections” of LGBTQs in racist, Islamaphobic and other horrifying ways.

One femme lesbian bemoans being “often treated like a sex toy to be used and then discarded once I’m no longer useful,” mostly as it relates to being involved with women who have boyfriends or are just in it for the experience. An excerpt:

It’s disheartening for me when someone tries to manipulate me to fulfill their own desires, especially in a manner that is so objectifying and dismissive of my sexual identity. These circumstances can create trust issues and encourage biphobia as a result, harming everybody on the spectrum. Remember that lesbians—lipstick or not—don’t exist for your pleasure, for your exploration, for your boyfriend, or for you.

About 100 people showed up for an LGBT rights rally yesterday in support of the lesbian couple in Berea, Ky. whose house and car were vandalized with hate speech. One-half of the couple, Whitney Preston, spoke to attendees:

“Black spray paint was on my wife’s work truck and then my back stop had ‘Lesbo’ written on it. It directly pointed out my sexuality.  Had they wrote anything else it wouldn’t have been a hate crime. But the fact that they took my sexuality, singled it out, tried to scare me with it.”

The rainbow flag is forever ours, now, straights! Sorry not sorry.

A queer middle schooler penned a thoughtful piece on the lack of LGBTQ media representation on TV, and I am trying hard not to be that old person who says “You’re lucky you weren’t around 10, 15, 20 years ago!”

An anonymous Muslim and bisexual-identified person writes about their experiences coming out at The Link:

At sixteen, I had no one to share my thoughts with. Friends with little to no knowledge of Islam simply couldn’t understand or relate to my point of view as a Muslim. Meanwhile, I had no one within my Muslim community who was willing to challenge their own ideas on LGBT issues, let alone accept me as a bisexual. I sorted it out on my own, in the end, but I still feel the need to speak up.

This just in: Vaginas are still offensive, even if they are drawn very anatomically correct.

I’m happy that the filmmakers behind the campus sexual assault doc “The Hunting Ground” are finally talking about how WOC and LGBTQ women are affected, as it wasn’t a part of the original film.

Beth Ditto has a new single, “Fire,” and a release date for her upcoming album, “Fake Sugar,” out June 16. As a huge fan of Gossip and Beth’s whole thing in general, I am super excited for this summertime listening.

See you on Wednesday!

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