The Dish: Kristen Stewart Debuts Shaved Head, “Bachelor” Lesbian Couple Splits

Love is dead.

Happy International Women’s Day! We support those of you participating in A Day Without a Woman. As a small, independently run, woman-led and focused publication, we are going to continue to produce content today, including some of our favorite posts about IWD and ADWAW. (Also, we hope you are reading our daily Queer Women History Forgot feature.)


On the Seattle stage this week: “Bright Half Life” Explores Nonlinear Time and the Complexities of Interracial Lesbian Love.

But did your dad buy you rainbow paraphernalia after you came out?

Is romance dead? Former “Bachelor” Australia stars Tiffany Scanlon and Megan Marx have reportedly split up.

Judge Ruth Neely was censured for refusing to preside over same-sex weddings in Wyoming. She claimed it was against her religion, but the Wyoming Supreme Court found it to be about “maintaining the public’s faith in an independent and impartial judiciary that conducts its judicial functions according to the rule of law, independent of outside influences, including religion, and without regard to whether a law is popular or unpopular.” Snap!

The South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade has apparently refused to let OutVets, an LGBT veterans group, sign up to walk this year, despite their having participated in years prior. Mayor Marty Walsh said he will refuse to participate in the parade until the organizers reverse their decision.

On the unique challenges LGBTQ seniors face as they age.

Somewhat related: LGBTQs really need the Affordable Care Act.

UK-based LGBTQ youth group Voices for Heritage has received a sizable grant that will help them “delve into the county’s history books, documents and archives to find people who witnessed first-hand the fight for LGBT rights.” The final project will “train young people in oral history research and documentary filmmaking, enabling them to record the memories of older people in the community who grew up in a society where being gay was illegal, and being transgender was socially unacceptable.”

Relevant to our interests: Powerful women in pantsuits.

Halsey has a new album coming out.

Congrats to Dr. Ruth McNair, Brenda Appleton and Dr. Lou Bennett, all out women who are part of The Victorian Honour Roll of Women, which “celebrates contributions made to local communities and achievements from human rights advocacy to sport and medicine.”

Executive Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (NGLHRC) Eric Gitari talks about LGBTQ progress (or lack thereof) in Kenya.

Artemis of “Red Hood & The Outlaws” is so bisexual.

Must read: Out writer Ariel Levy profiles lesbian artist Catherine Opie for the New Yorker.

Portland doesn’t have a gayborhood, and that’s probably a good thing.

“Fun Home” star Karen Eilbacher (Joan) talks about her personal connection to the show with The Daily Bruin.

the xx‘s video for “Say Something Loving” is finally here!


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