10 ‘Happiest Season’ Memes That Won The Lesbian Internet

Have you seen ‘Happiest Season’ yet? What are your thoughts? Inquiring queers want to know.

If you are of the women loving variety, then chances are you’ve seen or heard about “Happiest Season,” the sapphic holiday film that dropped last Wednesday. The lesbian internet has a lot of ~feelings~ about this movie, both adoration and wrath — kind of like with Jenny from “The L Word.” Whether you loved the film (I did!) or didn’t love the film (lots of you!), there’s no doubt that “Happiest Season” has made a huge lesbian cultural footprint in the land of Christmas movies. And our favorite LGBTQ+ memers agree. When anything lesbian happens in pop culture, we can always count on the memes to be fire. Here are 10 “Happiest Season” memes that made us laugh, cry, and want to re-watch the film every day until Christmas (or never again).

1. @hotmessbian

Whether you were obsessed with the movie or found it to be a bit triggering, I think we can all agree that Aubrey Plaza and Kristen Stewart make a sexy AF couple. Sexual tension? Check. Both out of the closet and not low-key manipulative and high-key boring? Check.

2. @godimsuchadyke


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Maybe the movie’s ending was unrealistic, but this meme is too real. Lez be honest, we’ve all dated our ex’s ex; it’s lesbian culture. I wish Riley would’ve made a move, but in accordance with her perfect character, she’s way too classy for that.

3. @xenaworrierprincess

Okay, I get it. We just wanted a stupid-mindless-cheesy-happy Christmas movie like the straights. But what we got, in my opinion, is so much better than that! “Happiest Season” was funny AF (Jane is my favorite character), but it’s also real. Sure, like we said, the ending where Harper’s family magically comes around is unrealistic, but the actual closeted relationship dynamic is pretty spot on. Maybe a little too spot-on — aka why a lot of us sapphics couldn’t mindlessly enjoy it. I was in a relationship with a closeted girl and went home for the holidays with her, so “Happiest Season”: really resonated with me. But instead of calling it traumatizing or triggering like so many are, I personally say it’s well done and truthful. A straight person could’ve never written that toxic dynamic so perfectly, with empathy, with nuance, and with intense lesbian hand-holding tension (hellloooo, that scene at the fundraiser???).

4. @gay_girl_inc


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If you don’t have someone to kiss every time KStew audibly sighs, you really should take a shot every time instead. This is the ultimate queer holiday drinking game.

5. @sapphicsigh

Maybe we didn’t get the simple wholesome holiday movie we were hoping for with “Happiest Season,” but that doesn’t mean we can’t get this adorable wholesome meme.

6. @femmmeow


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I know a lot of us are frustrated because so many queer films center around coming out (and our lives are so much more than that!) and contain so many white characters (and our community is so much more than that!), so this meme is just spot on.

7. @leslady79


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Sure, 2020 has been high-key bullshit, but at least we got two gay plot lines that perfectly embody the two types of lesbians.

8. @kardashian_kolloquium


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A lot of us were brought back to not-so-pleasant memories while watching “Happiest Season.” This can be jarring when you were expecting ice skating and stupid puns, but that doesn’t mean the film isn’t amazing. Good art makes you reflect! Art imitates life, duhhh.

9. @dixpeyton

I personally think the movie should’ve ended when Abby said “I want to be with someone who is ready,” but her ending up with the gorgeous Riley works too.

10. @the_gay_koala


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It’s hard to get lesbians to agree on anything — just mention scissoring, acrylic nails, IDing as queer, or “Blue Is The Warmest Color” at any dyke bar and watch the arguments break out. But one thing that can bring our fickle community together? Aubrey Plaza in a pantsuit.

Have you seen “Happiest Season” yet? What are your thoughts? Inquiring queers want to know. Tell us in the comments! Happy Holigays, lesbians! We love you!

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