The Dish: The History of “The Kiss,” Sally Ride Is Now A Lego

Does this look familiar?

Good morning! I spent the weekend in Las Vegas for ClexaCon, so you know I’m feeling a little bit rough today. Our Sinful party Saturday night was insane, with an incredible performance from an out artist you should definitely keep up with: Margeaux. She slayed.

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LGBTQ broadcasters will be in Vegas in April.

If you’re in L.A. this week, I hope to see you at some of Lambda Lit Fest.

Some little girls grow up wanting to be Amelia Earhart and Frida Kahlo and that is pretty much our lesbian agenda taking over the world via paper dolls.

This is kind of fucked: The U.S. Soccer Federation has instituted a rule that says all players must stand for the National Anthem. Out women’s Coach Jill Ellis even supports this b.s., saying:

“I’ve always felt that that should be what we do, honor the country, have the pride of putting on the national team jersey, I think that should be the expectation. That’s our workplace out there and I think we should represent ourselves and our country, so I’m pleased with that.”

At PopMatters: A Letter From Your Lesbian Friend to Your Black Friend.

Sydney Mardis Gras (aka Australian Pride) is happening down under, and these photos will have you feeling a ton of FOMO. Ruby Rose was there, supporting GF Jessica of The Veronicas.

Anne Lister was one of the first celesbians as she kept a detailed journal of her relationships with other women, and now her story is coming to HBO and BBC One in Shibden Hall. The new eight-part drama will be written by Sally Wainwright, the out creator of “Last Tango in Halifax,” and is described as such:

Set in West Yorkshire in 1832, Shibden Hall is the story of landowner Anne Lister. Returning after years of exotic travel and social climbing, she determines to transform the fate of her faded ancestral home, Shibden Hall, in Halifax, England, the cradle of the Industrial Revolution.

To do this, she must re-open her coal mines and marry well. But charismatic, single-minded, swashbuckling Anne Lister – who walked like a man, dressed head-to-foot in black, and charmed her way into high society – has no intention of marrying a man. True to her own nature, she plans to marry a woman.

For some reason, E! cut out the Selma Blair/Sarah Michelle Gellar kiss from its recent airing of “Cruel Intentions” when they know damn well lesbians lived for that scene.

Same-sex relationships are not immune to domestic violence, and stories like this one are heartbreaking and angering.

Speaking of angering, Gavin Grimm‘s case just got sent back down to a lower court in Virginia. This is the new Supreme Court.

And this just makes me physically ill: British man raped lesbian daughter ‘to show why it would be better to have sex with men.’

The National Center for Business Journalism gathered some stats on LGBT-owned businesses.

This week’s Dear Sugar Radio answers a question from a woman whose affair with a female friend isn’t going so swimmingly. (p.s. need some relationship advice? Ask our expert Anna Pulley, and she could answer you in the next issue of GO.)

Crystal Cheatham explains why she founded the Our Bible App:

“I’m black, I’m a lesbian, and I’m tired of feeling like my faith doesn’t matter. Some think it’s an anomaly that a black lesbian can be a Christian, but there are many out there like me, not just gay but those who are pro-choice and Christian, anti-Trump and Christian and interfaith and Christian.”

Some less Christianly Christians are still appealing the money they have been sentenced to pay a lesbian couple they refused to bake a cake for in Oregon.

I need this Sally Ride Lego for my nephew, stat. (Also, me.)

Queer Cuban-themed “One Day at a Time” was renewed for a second season at Netflix.

Cara Delevingne has new hair.

Too many queer women are incarcerated.

Caitlyn Jenner is starting an LGBT foundation and apparently now hates Trump. 

Kate McKinnon is the best kneeling KellyAnne Conway.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this poster.

Kate Aurthur‘s “Body Portraits” is all about queer bodies so, you know, it’s rad.

Mickalene Thomas and other LGBTQ Black artists are spotlighted at Hyperallergic.

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