The Dish: Dutch Supermodels Get Sapphic for “Vogue,” Rachel Maddow on “The View”

Models are so gay for photoshoots.

Happy Hump Day!

My #WCW is definitely Chinese feminist activist and self-proclaimed “lesbian and international slut” Li Maizi.

Speaking of crushes, Rachel Maddow was on “The View” today.

Cynthia Nixon‘s partner was the first woman she ever kissed. (Did she forget about that “Sex and the City” episode where Miranda tries dating that butch softball player? Because I didn’t.) 

At Refinery29: “How I Realized I Was Ready to Have Sex With Other Women.”

Dutch supermodels Lara Stone and Doutzen Kroes get really close in the new issue of “Vogue Nederland.”

AdWeek covers the fallout from YouTube’s massive screw up this week in restricting LGBTQ content.

Olympic boxer Nicola Adams says she wants to win a world title before her girlfriend, fellow boxer Marlen Esparza, because, she jokes, “I’ll never hear the end of it otherwise.”

This is fucking disgusting and I hate even sharing it with you but sexual violence against queer women is a very real thing that we need to be aware of and take seriously. A 20-year-old lesbian student is suing Columbia University for mishandling a brutal rape and assault she endured in her dorm.

In some other bad news (sorry), this same-sex Australian couple had to go to New Zealand to get legally hitched, and one of their grandfathers couldn’t make the trip and died on their big day. I’m not saying homophobia killed him, but I also kind of am, Australia.

ICYMI, “Mass Effect” has some inter-species outer space lesbianing and gay gamers are pretty psyched about it.

If you care about queer women filmmakers (YOU SHOULD!) you may enjoy this panel I was a part of for Outfest yesterday with badasses Connie Shin, Marina Rice Bader, Karla Legaspy, April Wilson and Lucy Mukerjee-Brown.

Kick It Out is a new anti-homophobia initiative in The Premier League of professional soccer (“football”) across the pond.

Robin Cloud talks with Refinery29 about the real life inspiration for her short “Out Again.”

Bedford and Bowery shows off the newly expanded Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art.

If you like lesbians and horror films, you’ll probably enjoy “I, Olga Hepnarová.”

The Center for American Progress on why repealing the Affordable Care Act is terrible for LGBTQs.




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