The Dish: Angela Robinson Directing Wonder Woman Biopic, Netflix To Show “The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson”

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

It’s the first official day of LA Pride Week, so I’m feeling pretty proud (per usual).

“Wonder Woman” slayed at the box office over the weekend, which is great news for women everywhere.

Related: Out “D.E.B.S.” and  “L Word” director Angela Robinson is working on a biopic of Wonder Woman’s creation. “Professor Marston & The Wonder Women” will be released later this year, and is produced by lesbian-owned Annapurna Pictures. Interestingly, the man who created the character was involved in a polyamorous relationship with two women.

In other fantastic movie news, Netflix has purchased distribution rights to  “The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson,” so the doc will be coming to viewers everywhere soon. If you’re in LA, catch it at Outfest in July. Helmed by “How to Survive a Plague” director David France, the film “is a look at the 1992 murder of a transgender legend.”

A lesbian mom and her genderqueer daughter spoke with NPR about how they are working to understand gender and sexual identity better from each other.  Lynn Girton, “a white lesbian, and an old-fashioned feminist,” actually had the same sort of ideas about her daughter that most hetero parents would, although she encouraged her daughter to transition because she thought it would be easier for her to “live life as a man.” “As a mother, all you want to do is put this bubble around your kid, and not let anything or anyone hurt them,” Girton says. “My thought was, before I understood any of this: ‘Why are you making your life more complicated than it already is?’ But Molly, who is 34, explained to her mom, and NPR listeners, why she didn’t see things that way. “I don’t think that putting on makeup and dresses, and growing my hair out and putting on lipstick would make any more sense, than transitioning into becoming a man,” Molly says. “Both are gender performances and identities that didn’t reflect who I was.” Fuck the binary!

The LGBT acronym sure can get long when we add all of the identities under our umbrella, but even those who don’t see themselves fully represented in the L, G, B or T, specifically, feel as though the acceptance and wider use of the term is inevitably helping the cause, and helps for individuals to feel part of something larger and more unified.

Some lesbians that were part of the Left Forum (“the largest gathering of the U.S. left“) were to appear on a panel about the “immense funding funneled to the transgender movement … coming from giant pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and what their aim is.” And it gets worse: “We will be showing how the transgender movement is not in fact a civil rights issue, but a business arrangement and advertising arm of these industries.” THANKFULLY, this transphobic situation was canceled, but it does seem like (despite an apology) the Left Forum organizers had approved it to begin with.

American Eagle is the latest brand to cash in on Pride with some T-shirts and the like, but theirs will benefit the It Gets Better Project, so.

Check out these LGBTQ-themed music videos that Alternative Press compiled into a neat little list for you.

Season 4 of “Broad City” already looks broad-tastic, and Wanda Sykes is guest starring. Can. Not. Wait.

Irish lesbian writer Joni Crone came out on national television in the ’80s, when she appeared on “The Late Late Show” to talk about the recent murder of a gay man in Dublin, and to make the case for legalizing homosexuality in Ireland. At the time, she ran a Lesbian Line helpline, which informed her new one-woman show, “Anna Livia Lesbia,” which will be playing throughout Ireland this summer. “Some of them were silent calls. Some were suicidal,” Crone said, noting she’d helped callers from “convents, and from isolated rural areas; calls from married women saying they felt trapped, and calls from teenagers looking for information and a safe place to hang out. A caller told of being sent to a priest who molested her. Another was sent to a priest for an exorcism.” Homosexuality was finally decriminalized in Ireland in 1993.

If you’re in Chicago between now and June 18, go see “Black Pearl: A Tribute to Josephine Baker.” The legendary queer performer’s birthday was on Saturday, and Google’s Doodle dedicated to her was pretty sweet.

A woman has admitted to murdering her former co-worker, 23-year-old lesbian Warisara Klinjui, in Thailand two weeks ago. Preeyanuch Nonwangchai, 24, “fled to Burma with two friends” after allegedly “strangling and chopping up” Klinjui, who “reported [Nonwangchai]’s boyfriend to police for drug dealing.” The two women had worked together at a karaoke bar, and the rest of the story is pretty horrific so proceed with caution.

Apparently straight people are taking over Provincetown, which is, apparently, “the price of acceptance.”

Where can one meet single lesbians when you’re 40+? Well, seems like online dating is still the best option.


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