Demi Lovato Came Out To Parents After ‘Cool For The Summer’

The song may say ‘Don’t tell your mother,” but Demi did.

Demi Lovato recently shared in an interview with SiriusXM that her song ‘Cool For The Summer’ helped her come out to her parents.

“I came from a Christian background and grew up queer but didn’t tell people until I felt comfortable with it,” she said.

“It took me until I was 25 to come out to my mom. At the time, I was bisexual, then I realized I was pansexual. It took me a while.”

Lovato shared that she expressed her sexuality in her music before she told her parents.

“It was kind of funny because I released ‘Cool for the Summer’ before I came out to my parents,” she continued. “[The] ‘got a taste for the cherry/I just need to take a bite’ lyrics [are] very obvious but I didn’t feel I was ready.”

Eventually, Lovato felt ready to share her sexuality with her parents, starting with her stepdad.

“One day I was about to go to a show, and I was sitting on a plane with my stepdad, who is basically my dad, and I was like: ‘Hey, I need to tell you something, I like girls too’. And he was like, ‘Yeah. I know, you have “Cool for the Summer” out’, and I was like: ‘Oh’.”

Then, she told her mom, who had a similar reaction.

“I was getting ready to go on a date with a girl and I didn’t know if I would be photographed or what would happen and I really liked this girl and I was like: ‘I think it’s time to tell my mom in case it becomes serious’,” Lovato said.

“I sat my mom down and said: ‘I need to talk to you. You know, I am about to go on a date with a girl and I just wanted you to know and hear from me that I like girls too’. She almost started crying and was like, ‘I just want you to be happy’.”

Lovato said her mom’s response made her feel “so valuable and appreciated,” and she aims to provide “that energy, community, and safe space” for her young LGBTQ+ fans.

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