Take Your Bae On These Adorable Lesbian Movie-Inspired Dates

You just might fall in love.

Going on a date is lit—the excitement of meeting someone (new or again), the uncertainty of the conversation, the flirty comments, the anticipation of a kiss. There’s always something new to talk about on a date, but things can start to get a little stale when you keep taking dates to do the same thing in the same place every time.

Instead of relying on date ideas that are overused and underwhelming, try drawing inspiration from the (pop) culture around you. With so many phenomenal lesbian movies out in the world, you’ll never have to decide what to do on a date again. Whether you’re going on a first date or a fifth, spice up your hang out by taking your bae on one of these dates inspired by your favorite lesbian movie.



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A triumphant little film🖖 #princesscyd

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Is there anything better than soaking in the sun? The only acceptable answer is: soaking in the sun with someone else. In “Princess Cyd,” the titular character starts a chain-reaction of confidence when she chooses to hang out in the sun and listen to music one afternoon. Inspired by Cyd’s love of laying out, why not try packing a picnic and lounging outside with your special someone? You can pre-pack all of your favorite foods, and it doesn’t hurt to bring along a bottle of wine or a few beers. Because everything comes perfectly packed, all you have to worry about the day of is cuddling with your cutie under the beaming sun.



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این فیلمو کیا دیدن؟ #blue_is_the_warmest_color

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There’s so much inspiration to draw from “Blue Is The Warmest Colour” (at a runtime of three hours, how couldn’t there be?), but Emma would be amiss if we didn’t highlight her favorite food. One of the most memorable scenes is when Adele has dinner with Emma’s parents, and they dine on fresh oysters. Adele has to be convinced into eating them, though, and there’s this small, almost missable moment of intimacy where Emma explains that fresh oysters should move because it means that they’re alive.

Based on Emma’s love of oysters, and as a nod to its status as an aphrodisiac (extremely relevant to this movie), our date suggestion is to cook a meal based around oysters together! Get the freshest oysters you can, pick up a couple of lemons from the market, and make some kind of fresh side dish. There’s nothing more fun than cooking as a couple. Are you both bad at it? Great, you can laugh your way through it! Are you both phenomenal chefs? Then you can spend more time on each other, and less on food. Regardless of your cooking abilities, make sure you also pop open a bottle of white. In the wise words of Emma’s dad, “it’s always nice to cook with a glass of white.”


The obvious date idea here is to go to a soccer game and playfully shout “you’re a wanker, number nine” at the top of your lungs, but that’s a bit too on the nose for our taste. Instead, take a cue from the adorable moment where Rachel tells Luce that she just wants to dance, and the two find themselves in an arcade. In a more modern, adult twist, a great idea for a date night is a barcade (aka an arcade that sells alcohol). Load up on tokens and booze and spend the night playing games from your childhood. Between the alcohol and the #mems, there’s bound to be good conversation all night.

If you really want to pay homage to “Imagine Me & You,” don’t forget to take a turn on Dance Dance Revolution. Make sure you’re dancing impossibly close and whisper-singing the words to each other!


Listen, this movie takes place almost entirely at a camp, so there’s not a ton of inspiration to draw from. Sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of you, though, so our suggestion for a date based on “But I’m A Cheerleader” is to go camping! I know, it’s a classic date idea to begin with, but it’s a really good way to show someone that you trust them. Between helping each other pitch a tent (or set up a camper, or make the beds in a cabin…) and cooking your dinner together over an open flame, there are dozens of activities to occupy your time out in the wilderness.

Camping doesn’t have to be a stay-over date, either. Feel free to leave in the morning and spend the day embracing nature before returning home. Either way, spending time outdoors not only forces you to focus on the person who’s there with you, but it’s also quintessentially lesbian. No therapy or floor cleaning required here; just enjoy the wilderness around you as it is and as you are.



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D.E.B.S. (2004), dir. Angela Robinson.

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D.E.B.S” is a campy, cult classic about a villain and a lesbian—well, actually, they’re both queer ladies. The audience is introduced to Lucy Diamond as an evil villain bent on destroying society, but, as we come to find out, she’s really in search of one thing: love. Lady love! In fact, the first time we’re introduced to her, we’re told she’s meeting with an assassin to hire her, but we then find out it’s just because they’re going on a date. How pure! How wholesome! Even evil villains deserve love, people. Enter Amy, a spy for the good side who’s just broken up with her boyfriend because she feels nothing with him. Lucy and Amy meet and almost immediately hit it off. The only problem? They’re on opposite sides of the law.

The two remedy their problems by running away together. It’s a solution for them and a great date idea for you! Rather than completely disappearing together, though, try taking a day off the grid with your date. Pick somewhere you don’t normally go, or somewhere far-ish away, and go on an adventure. Unplug from your electronics to the best of your ability, and just be with each other for the whole day. Another option would be to rob a bank together, but that seems a little too illegal to suggest on the internet.


The sad thing about the relationship in “Saving Face” is that they never really leave Vivian’s apartment, because Wil isn’t ready to make her love public. If you’re going on a date with someone, you (hopefully) are not facing the same problem. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can enjoy a nice night in. Rather than shutting you and your other out from the world, try shutting the world out from your date. Order take out, put on some music, and dance together. Try sharing your favorite songs or artists of the moment with each other, and really enjoy each other’s company.

To really amp up the movie factor, try just falling together– literally. Just like the scene where Vivian tells Wil that she has to let go of everything and just fall on the ground sometimes, you, too, should try relaxing every muscle in your bodies and falling. Seems silly, but, who knows? Maybe you’ll fall in love while you’re falling on the carpet.



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❤ . . . . . . . . . . #carol #carolmovie #cateblanchett

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“Carol” is a movie about a whirlwind romance that completely encapsulates the two lovers, but it’s also a look at the finer details of a relationship. Between the titular character’s need for cigarettes to calm her anxiety to Therese’s unhappy current romance, the two women both have a lot of things in their life that defines them. For Therese, the escape from reality comes in the form of photographs, which she uses not just as a career path, but as a way to capture Carol in the moments that she gets with her.

In the same way that Therese turned her camera towards her lover, a great date idea is to have a photoshoot. The backdrop can be anywhere from outside your apartment, to the closest park, to the waterfront, making for tons of opportunities to truly capture your date’s spirit. Plus, it gives both of you an excuse to get all dressed up and look your best all day. At the end of the day, even if it’s not a successful date, you’ll at least have a new profile picture. It’s a win no matter what.


One of the strongest motifs in the entirety of “The Favourite” is Queen Anne’s love of rabbits. From their first introduction to the last shot of the animals in the film, it’s obvious that the Queen spends a lot of time doting over her fleet of rabbits and making sure they receive all the love she has to give. It’s not only a metaphor for her life and her love, but it’s also great inspiration for a date.

Now, I’m not saying you should buy a bunch of rabbits and force your date to hang out with them and you. Instead, try indulging your love of animals over a cup of coffee or a meal at an animal cafe. The most popular kind is cat cafes (both in general and, I’d venture a guess, for lesbians), but there are places that operate on the same idea with dogs, rabbits, and other small pets. Take your date somewhere she can cuddle a soft animal while talking to you, and I promise you’ll become her “Favourite.”

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