Dani Dishes on Kardashians

Behind the scenes on Kourtney and Kim Take Miami with Dani Campbell

Following her cameo appearance on the E! series Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Dani Campbell gave GO an exclusive look at how she—Ft. Lauderdale firefighter, lesbian heartthrob—hooked up with reality TV’s most famous family.

Viewers might assume that Dani, a veteran of reality series herself, appeared on the Kardashians spinoff because their people called her people. But that wouldn’t be true, Dani says. A mutual friend brought Dani to the casual get-together at the mansion where she first met Scott Disick, Kim Kardashian and other good-looking Miami Beach residents, and she naturally hit it off with Scott. “It was an organic meeting, nothing was forced,” Dani tells GO, dispelling the common view that much of reality TV is staged.

In fact, they got along so well that Dani invited Scott to brunch to meet some of her beautiful friends, most of whom were also lesbians. Scott seemed a little uncomfortable at first, but gamely kept up with a discussion about same-sex marriage and LGBT rights. “After the scene, the producers told me it was a great session. Scott was really opening up and taking it all in—he had no idea about any of the laws that discriminate against gay people,” Dani says. “I was surprised, and happy, that so much of that scene aired.”

She feels good that a popular series like Kourtney and Kim Take Miami is showing LGBT people in a positive way. “I appreciate how they portray the LGBT community on a huge show like the Kardashians,” she says. “In this episode, [the cast members] met someone gay who was just a regular and normal person, and that’s really important. Every time we have a chance to educate viewers about gay people, that’s a good thing. And it was all real and organic—I really had fun on the show.”

Her fans may have to wait to see Dani on another TV gig, however. “Appearing on Kourtney and Kim Take Miami happened very out of blue—[Scott and I] just started hanging out,” and the producers took it from there, she says. She doesn’t have any plans for TV in the near future—but we hope she’s not ruling anything out.

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