Céline Dion Launches Gender-Neutral Children’s Clothing Line

CELINUNUNU will feature gender neutral children’s clothing.

Céline Dion has always been an incredible ally. From her heartfelt letter to the LGBTQ community in celebration of Pride, to standing up for LGBTQ youth and against bullying, to being an overall gay icon, she has shown us how much she cares.

And now, she’s standing up to the gender binary through launching a gender-neutral children’s clothing line, in collaboration with NUNUNU. The line is aptly named CELINUNUNU.

“CELINUNUNU’s groundbreaking debut collection includes over 70 silhouettes sizes 0-6M-14Y, harmonizing gender-neutral styles, timeless cuts, a distinct dictionary of symbols, and a minimalistic color palette that lets children shine at every stage. With NUNUNU’s steadfast dedication to dissolving norms and gender biases in fashion, amplified by Celine Dion’s voice and persona that echo acceptance and individuality, the two distinct worlds will break stereotypes together,” the company said in a press release.

The campaign released a fabulous promo video that features Dion breaking into a maternity ward, and using her diva magic to rid the babies of gendered clothing. The boring blues and pinks change to edgy black and whites and exciting patterns. The babies look chic AF, all while resisting the binary.

It might seem silly to talk about freeing babies from a binary they do not yet recognize, but gender neutral children’s clothing is a crucial step in moving our culture forward into a more free, accepting, and progressive place. Plus it’s super cute and trendy. The website is not organized by ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ but by articles of clothing.

“I’ve always loved nununu and what they represent. Partnering with them to encourage a dialogue of equality and possibility makes so much sense,” Dion tweeted.

I know what all my friends from high school that are popping out kids are getting for their baby showers. You can shop the whole line, which features everything from baby leather jackets, to trendy joggers, to quippy t shirts, here.

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