We’re Not Saying Cara Delevingne And Paris Jackson Are Dating But It REALLY Seems That Way, Huh?


I’m not even going to waste your time with an intro. Behold, EXHIBIT A:

Everyone knows that queer women couples all have to perform the same ritual together before they announce their partnership — no, it’s not moving in together, getting matching tattoos, or co-parenting a cat — it’s LAYING IN BED TOGETHER, WATCHING CAROL, PERHAPS THE GAYEST ACTIVITY ON EARTH NEXT TO WEARING A FLANNEL AND RIPPED JEANS.

Look, GO Mag is not one for rumors. We like to keep it classy — we don’t out anyone, judge anyone, or blow up anyone’s spots — even celebrities. But, like, we can’t simply just ignore this sh*t any longer. They (appear to) be D-A-T-I-N-G.

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EXHIBIT B: Pictured above, Cara, being queer AF on Paris’ Instagram. Why is this queer, you ask? Because we want it to be. And the lesbian internet is rarely wrong. (except when we’re arguing semantics.)

EXHIBIT C: And here’s the sexy AF pair holding hands all over town.

The pair reportedly met at the 2017 MTV Movie and TV awards (same with me and my girlfriend!) and they have been, what seems like, inseparable ever since. Just have a scroll through both of their Instagrams, you’re bound to see photos of them on each other’s accounts. Combine that with the hand holding, and WATCHING CAROL (an extremely lesbian movie, FYI) IN BED TOGETHER and voila, you have (what appears to be) a gay couple. So our sneaking suspicion that these two are more than just gal pals is totally warranted, right? Trying to deny that the two might have a little ~something~ between them would be harder than trying to spell ‘Delevingne’ without googling it, right?

Hate to speculate but I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE THEY ARE SO HOT TOGETHER. Celesbian power!

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