Video Of The Day: Beth Ditto The Lesbian Queen of The Fashion World

In honor of NYFW, we celebrate the first lady of queer style.

It’s New York Fashion week, queer babes.

And I don’t know if all of you ladies know, but fashion is actually remarkably g-a-y.

And contrary to popular belief it’s not just gay men and skinny models who populate planet chic. The fashion world is teeming with all kinds of queer creatures—from femmy makeup artists to butch hair stylists to trans DJs and lesbian show-runners, our pretty rainbow is splashed all over the style spectrum. I’ve always fiercely loved the fashion world because it’s historically been made up of rebellious gays like me, who don’t fit in anywhere else. Fashion embraces the unapologetic freak lingering inside all of us.

One of my favorite queer girl fashion icons is Beth Ditto, of course.

Ditto is a self-described “fat, feminist lesbian from Arkansas” and is one of the most respected entities in the fashion world. She’s worked with Karl Lagerfeld and Topshop is a designer favorite, and her music is often blasted down the runways for haute couture brands.

“I think that fashion is an incredibly powerful tool, punk would have been nothing without fashion.Punk was nothing if not fashion. People are like ‘fashion is so shallow’ well the people in fashion can be really shallow. I don’t ever feel like the designers are really shallow. My experience with them is that they are incredible artists with a really broad spectrum who are working in a really narrow industry.” Ditto told in this fierce video. So watch it to get your well-needed femme fashion fix!

Who are your queer fashion icons? Let me know!

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