The Dish: Beth Ditto Releases “Fire” Music Video, Tig Notaro Talks Season 2 Of “One Mississippi”

“Get up up-up-up-up-up-up/if you want my, want my, want my, love!”

Hi there! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. I’m going to my first seder tonight with my girlfriend’s family, and so this piece on how lesbianism fits into the more modern tradition of having an orange on the plate was of interest to me. Maybe to you, too?

So it looks like “SNL” may have “borrowed” the premise of Tig Notaro‘s short film “Clown Service” for a Louis C.K. sketch this week. Even more peculiar: Louis has been a champion of Tig’s for a while now, and even EPs on her Amazon series. Speaking of, Tig says Season 2 of “One Mississippi” will feature more of a “love story.” But with which woman?!

Even in red states, you can find a little bit of LGBTQ friendliness.

“Billions” will bring Asia Kate Dillon back as a series regular in Season 3. One of the EPs of the show said of the nonbinary actor: “We read a lot of parts for this but Asia came in and completely blew us away.”

Ellen Page remembers “Juno,” her first starring role in a major film and why the story is still so relevant 10 years later. She also shares what she hopes to work on in the future: “I’m always trying to make LGBTQ stories, quite frankly, movies that include more queerness. I have a film in post now that’s a love story between two women [titled Mercy]. I’m always trying to figure out things I can develop that incorporate more visibility. Selfishly I enjoy it, too.”

A new exhibit, “Octavia E. Butler: Telling My Stories,” focuses on the life and career of the out Black sci-fi novelist. It is on view now through Aug. 7 at the Huntington Library in Pasadena, Cali.

Vice covers Nebraska’s decision to allow gay and lesbian couples to foster and adopt children.

Beth Ditto has released her new video for “Fire” and it’s, well, FIRE.

Amber Heard had a medical emergency during a unite4:humanity gala in Beverly Hills Friday night, and friends Cara Delevingne and iO Tillett Wright accepted an award in her honor.

South African TV personality Somizi spoke out about the recent brutal rape and murder of yet another lesbian at her prayer service in Kroonstad: “In her honour. We need to say enough is enough. Action needs to be taken. You need to visit these streets, walk these streets, and say, ‘I am black. I am gay. I am lesbian’. The culprits must know that enough is enough. They must feel your anger.”

At Vox: Why It’s So Hard to Prosecute a Hate Crime.

Charlize Theron seems super into her sapphic scene in “Atomic Blonde.” But have we all forgotten “Monster”?

Irish comedy star Eilish O’Carroll talks about coming out at age 50 and having been happily unmarried to her partner for 12 years. A quote: “I fought for the right to marriage because children within same-sex relationships should have the same legal rights as any other couple. My partner and I are happy with the ways things are, but maybe when I’m 90 another trip down the aisle might be a good idea.”

“Wentworth” fans will love this chat with star Nicole da Silva.

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