Ashley Benson And Cara Delevingne Are Engaged—According To Twitter

No one knows if it’s true, but that won’t stop us from hoping, dammit!

There’s no point of freaking out, ladies, because Twitter already beat you to it. Some users of the social media website are speculating that Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson (the sex swing couple) may have gotten engaged. The couple caused a stir after they were photographed in Saint Tropez wearing matching gold bands on their (wedding) ring fingers. Fans aren’t sure if the couple got engaged on the vacation, or if the vacation was to celebrate the engagement—if there even really is one.

According to People Magazine, the company reached out to the stars’ rep for confirmation but received no response. While there’s no true confirmation right now, fans are continuing to buzz about the potential engagement on social media based only off of the images that have been circulating.

Delevingne and Benson just celebrated their one-year anniversary last month after refusing to confirm their relationship despite being linked together all the way back to August 2018. The two have had a deep and well-matched relationship, Elle reports. According to a source for the website, the pair moved in together for their year anniversary. The two reportedly “are happier than ever.”

While there’s no true confirmation about the pair’s engagement yet, fans are still going nuts of Twitter over even the possibility of the two getting married.

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