Ariana Grande Has Lez Moment In New Video

20BiTeen is sure shaping up nicely.

Okay, deep breaths. Anyone else freaking out over Ari’s new video? I’ve always been a superfan of Ariana Grande, and recently, I’ve been secretly theorizing that she was totally about to lez out. The clues were totes in her Insta-stories. But I’m not one to speculate; I’m one for facts. And the facts are: ARI IS ALL OVER A GIRL IN HER NEW VIDEO FOR “BREAK UP WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND, I’M BORED.”

If you peep the video, you’ll know that our Queen Ari sets her sights on a sexy straight couple at a house party. She engages in very cute flirtation with both of them, getting closer and closer to the girl (who looks nearly identical to her) in each scene. The video ends with them reaching for each other, mere centimeters away from touching lips. This will have you rethinking the whole meaning of “Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored.” She wants them to break up so she can cure her boredom with the ex-girlfriend, not with the guy. 20BiTeen is sure shaping up nicely.

Whether this is a legitimate coming out as something other than straight, or whether it’s performative in the name of ~art~, we are excited AF and loving the video. The more queer representation, the better. Ari is actually the biggest superstar in the world, and her nodding to us lezzies is a huge deal. Plus, the video and song are awesome. Happy Friday! Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored.

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