Celebrate Trans Day of Visibility With Mila Jam’s New Song & Video

Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

Transgender pop star Mila Jam is here to help us celebrate Trans Day of Visibility with her groundbreaking new song, “Say Your Name.” The song and video, released today, spotlights the strength of the trans and drag community, especially in the wake of the recent growing anti-trans and anti-drag legislation and rhetoric. “Say Your Name” is for those who are proud of who they are and reminds us not to be silenced by misunderstanding and discrimination.

Before she became a superstar, Mila Jam was a Youtuber well-known for her parodies of pop songs that she created under the moniker Britney Houston. She also performed as part of the Broadway tour of “Rent.” She credits her musical journey to idols like Brandi, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey, who inspired Jam made the switch from Youtuber to pop star, actress, and self-proclaimed “artivist.”

In 2019, Jam sat down for an interview with GO Magazine. When asked what ignited her passion for music, she said, “Music is just everywhere, and I think everyone grows up inspired by some musicians. For me, I grew up performing since I was three, so I think that the iconic pop figures of the ‘70s, ‘80s, and early ‘90s…they just inspired me. I always knew that I wanted to be me, and I always felt like I didn’t have a Mila Jam growing up, which is part of the reason I do what I do because maybe along the way I’ll inspire someone who can see themselves reflected in what I do.”

When asked how can people outside of the trans community can support trans people, Jam said, “Know that we’re not a trend. We’re trending, and we’re not a trend. I think that’s really how I would put it, because, even if in 10 years the tipping point is over or there’s not a wave of ‘let’s get into transness,’ it’s really about humanity. … Everyone now knows someone who is gay. Everyone has seen someone gay on TV, or a friend, or a cousin, or a family member, but not everyone knows someone who is trans. Not everyone has a direct connection to it. I think that’s also important, because, when you have those direct connections, you can see things differently. So, maybe in 10 years—actually, I hope in like two years, like in two weeks—that people will say ‘I know someone who is trans and they’re amazing, and they’re cool, and I support them.’”

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