America’s Most Captivating Couples 2009, Part II

We rounded up so many gorgeous couples we couldn’t fit them all in one issue. That said, we’re happy to have the cuteness continue.

Maggie & Jamie

San Francisco and New York

Maggie, 30, owner, event company
Jamie, 31, executive chef

Maggie loves singing, theatre, traveling, food, playing Wii and throwing fabulous events for lesbians. Jamie loves cooking, theatre, traveling, food, wine, Madonna, and Marc Jacobs. Jamie, a former Top Chef contender, met Maggie through a fellow cast member. They swapped numbers with Maggie thinking they’d network, but Jamie had different plans. As their texts grew more flirtatious, they bonded over their mutual love of musical theatre, fried foods and lots and lots of cheese. “We live 3000 miles apart, so to make it work we never go more than two weeks without seeing one another. Other than that, we try to celebrate each other’s talents to the fullest. Jamie cooks for me and I sing to her,” says Maggie. “We’re both extremely passionate and proud gay women, we laugh a ton, love socializing and have killer sex.”

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