6 and Sittin’ Pretty

Our Sixth Year In Review!

Getting Iggy With It

In a curious, on-air incident this October, lesbian uber-icon Ellen DeGeneres began weeping over the custody of her former pet, Iggy, whom she and partner Portia de Rossi had adopted from the Mutts and Moms animal shelter. When Iggy failed to mesh with the couple’s cats, DeGeneres gave him to her hairdresser. Then the shelter stepped in and took Iggy back, citing a contract DeGeneres had signed to return the dog to Mutts and Moms in the event that she couldn’t keep him. Thus her bout of televised tears as she implored the shelter to return the hound to the hairdresser. Mutts and Moms did not acquiesce.

On the upshot, DeGeneres won her third consecutive Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Host in June 2007. The Ellen DeGeneres Show also won Best Direction in a Talk Show and Best Art Direction.

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