Lez Do This: 5 Non-Basic Summer Dates To Keep The Heat Alive In Your Relationship

Find a local waterfall and get wet.

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Summer has arrived faster than I can slurp down a glass of rosé! That means it’s time for fun in the sun, pulling out all your very best crop tops and venturing to the beach every damn weekend.

Being single in the summer is so much fun because you can explore fun sun-soaked adventures with so many new cuties. But being paired off during the summer months doesn’t mean you’re doomed for nothing but family gatherings and the Netflix nights-in with your bae.

You just might have to put in a little more effort than us single gals to keep the hot, hot heat ~alive~ in your relationship. By the end of June you’ll likely have exhausted your usual date spots and be avoiding talking about Friday night plans out of sheer terror that you might end up ordering pizza and drinking rosé on the couch yet again. Never fear, babes, your furry children won’t forever get in the way of your sex life — and these 5 summer date options are the perfect opportunity to add a little spice back into your love life.

1. Venture out to the good ole’ fashioned amusement park. 


What better way to give your relationship a little jolt than a rush of endorphins from the rollercoasters? And of course, you can end your evening with a romantic cruise on the Ferris wheel while ~making out~ in the sky (purr). You’ll feel like young, high school lovers all over again! This is the perfect date night because everything you need is there in one place: adventure, private make-out spots, delicious food, and opportunities to win each other gifts (ahem — who doesn’t want a giant teddy?!).

What are you waiting for? Get off the couch and on your way to the park.

2. Find a local waterfall and get wet AF. 


Waterfalls are romantic, majestic, and honestly perfect for a little outdoor sexing. No matter where you live, there are likely some secret watering holes not too far.

If you live in NYC, might I recommend you venture Upstate to the Hudson Valley for some beautiful and scenic outdoor adventures with your bae? This date will take a little bit of research and planning, but once you get there you’ll be feeling like Selena Gomez in her music video (pictured above).

There is nothing sexier than being in nature, getting a little dirty and sweaty, and then washing off together with a lover — or, is that just me? For an added treat, pack yourselves a picnic dinner for after you’re done swimming (skinny-dipping).

3. Indulge in an ~innocent~ pie baking contest! 


What could be more wholesome than making pies together? You can make it a competition between the two of you and see whose turns out more delicious. Bonus points if you wear your apron and nothing else while baking. The leftovers will leave you both feeling sweet AF for one another for the entire week.

4. Bike to a cute destination and stare at the stars. 


Driving or taking public transportation everywhere can be exhausting, especially in these scorching hot summer months. Either your AC has broken down in your car or the AC is blasting on high while you’re rocking daisy dukes and a crop top on the train — you really can’t win. And then that sets the mood for your date, getting all grouchy about being too hot or too cold.

Want to know a surefire way to reduce that tension? Hop on your bikes and cruise around town! You could have a destination in mind, it might be the thing to spice up a date night to your favorite bar. Or you could just go for a night cruise with no destination in mind. Maybe you end up in the water or an ice cream shop or a beautiful field to watch the stars!

It doesn’t really matter where you are, as long as you’re together (I know single folks, I’m gagging too).

5. Embark on an extra romantic sailing night cruise. 


I love going for a night boat ride. Ugh. To me, there is nothing more romantic than this. If you live in NYC, then I suggest checking out the champagne night cruises where you get glasses of bubbly with your ticket and are taken out to see the Statue of Liberty. If you don’t live in NYC but live near some body of water, there are likely public cruises that you can purchase tickets for.

Take time getting ready for this date, spruce up for one another and really treat this like a sexy night out. You can cuddle on the back of the boat as you watch the world go by whilst on the water.

It’s a unique date that will leave you feeling more connected than before you set sail, babe.

6. Or…Attend a play party!  


I know this one might not be for everyone, but hear me out before you completely shut this down. Going to a play party together doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have sex with other people if you’re in a monogamous relationship — though you could, if you mutually decide to. BUT venturing to a play party could inspire you to add new things to your sex life. It also can be really fun to play together in front a room of strangers. There are endless options for how you navigate this specific date night and communication before and throughout is vital, and it might be that you go and just get a really entertaining night. It also might just be that you happen to love this experience and want to go back again together! Who knows? Keeping an open mind with your lover is what it’s all about.

Don’t let this summer get you in a hot, sticky rut with your girlfriend. Instead, surprise her with one of these dates. Or text her this list right now and ask her what she wants to do! Get out there and keep the sizzle alive in your relationship.

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