Captivating Couples 2016: Part 1

Meet 10 adorable duos and learn their secrets to enduring love

Donna & Jane – Los Angeles, CA
Donna Dennison, 39, advertising creative consultant, photographer, blogger, video editor
Jane Velez-Mitchell, 60, founder and editor of, TV journalist, author, animal rights activist 
The first time Jane and Donna met, in October 2011, they dove right into an argument. The issue at hand: whether squirrels are considered wild animals. “Don’t laugh,” says Jane. “It’s true.” Luckily, the disagreement didn’t stop them from realizing just how many things they had in common: both of them love animals, are vegan and sober. But that first meeting, in Santa Monica, primed them for what was to come. Jane, a “triple-type-A extrovert,” was in Los Angeles covering the involuntary manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor for her former HLN news show, but she lived in New York. “Easy-going and chill” Donna lived in Santa Monica. After the trial, the budding couple embarked on a long-distance relationship, and soon found that the arrangement was “a trial of its own.” They tried to stay connected through frequent trips, but every reunion “was like being reintroduced to each other—a bit uncomfortable and awkward for both of us.” They admit that they “almost didn’t make it.” But after two years of back-and-forth, and a “mini” break-up, Donna moved to New York and the pair settled into a snug studio apartment with four pets. Their relationship “blossomed, and we finally got the chance to really connect.” Last year, they relocated to Los Angeles and are now “deliriously happy.” They still argue, though they don’t “hang on” to disagreements, especially when they involve furry creatures. One common skirmish: “whether or not we should be walking our three Chihuahua rescues in a stroller.”

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