Captivating Couples 2014

From all over the country-and even beyond-these charming sweethearts have found plenty of different ways of finding each other, keeping each other and making life wonderful together. Now, they are ready to share their secrets and their love stories.

Erie, PA
Allie, 27, nurse practitioner
Alexa, 25, dental assistant

Allie and Alexa originally met about four years ago in a bar with mutual friends, but didn´t see each other again until a year later on New Year´s Eve. They stayed in touch and eventually went on their first date. Three years later, they didn´t let Erie´s notorious lake-effect breezes stop them from getting married on their anniversary, New Year´s Eve 2013. “Our wedding was held outside in a gazebo in the middle of a snowstorm. Both of us wanted our coats off for our pictures, so we were frozen the entire time,” Allie says. “We were upstairs getting into our wedding dresses and I turned around to see Alexa standing there looking more beautiful than I´d ever seen her.” Alexa remembers, “I was shocked to see Allie in a dress! But aside from that, my most memorable moment was when our justice of the peace told us to ´seal your love with a kiss.´ I looked at Allie and realized I was finally going to kiss my wife.” With two busy work schedules and keeping up with 8-year-old daughter, Adriana, it´s tough to see each other as much as they´d like. But nobody´s worried; these sweet ladies share a solid philosophy on keeping things awesome: “Lots of laughing and always letting each other know how loved and important we are to each other.”

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