Precious Pooch of the Month

And her magnificent mommy!

Name: Piglet
Mommy: Alexi
Age: 8 months
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Chihuahua
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA (rescued from MaeDay Rescue)
Residence: Berkeley, CA
Occupation: Lightning-speed string cheese snatcher
Favorite Toys: Furry red Christmas reindeer and squeaky pig (how fitting!)
Favorite Leisure Activities: Burrowing under the covers, snuggling, sitting on the heating vent, chasing and jumping on my dog sister and cat sister
Favorite Foods: Chicken, turkey, cheese (definitely not pork; that would be cannibalism!)
Pet Peeves: Being compared to too many large-eared cartoon characters all at once
Least Favorite Phrase: “Wanna put on your giant Christmas sweater?!”

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