The 100 Days and Me Campaign Monitors and Mobilizes for Trump’s First 100 Days

The Los Angeles LGBT Center launched a campaign called “100 Days and Me,” aimed at mobilizing and providing support to the LGBTQ community in the alarming era of the Trump administration.

A lot of LGBTQs were left feeling nervous and even hopeless after the election in November, and the national political climate continues to worsen since the inauguration of Donald Trump last week. The Los Angeles LGBT Center has launched a new initiative, 100 Days and Me, in hopes of helping the community feel more proactive against the current administration and its insidious attacks on marginalized communities.



Those who sign up for the community engagement campaign will receive “information about federal legislative and policy threats to LGBT people during the first 100 days of the Trump Administration” as well as “resources and tools to respond to actions that would harm LGBT people.”

100 Days and Me will focus on key areas such as health care, youth, seniors, equality, immigration, transgender issues, housing, women, education, hate crimes and domestic violence, with regularly released briefs, action recommendations and tools to share information on social media. The site currently hosts helpful links, as well as blog posts on how Trump’s attack on immigrants and his reinstation of the Global Gag rule affects LGBTQs.

Visit to sign the pledge.

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