10 Hot And Stylish Lesbian, Bi & Queer Women You NEED To Be Following on Instagram

Get ready to SWOON.

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but my favorite thing to do in this world is to stalk hot girls on Instagram, whether it be for style inspo or uh, “girlfriend” inspo. As you know from our “Fashion Icon” column, queer women have incredible fashion sense and happen to be sexy as hell, too.

Here’s 10 of my current favorite hot queer gals to follow on Instagram. Get ready to *swoon.*

1. Newsha Syeh, @mewsha

Newsha Syeh is a 23-year old YouTuber and is a total mega-babe. It actually almost hurts to look at her she’s so damn hot. Newsha was born in Iran, escaped to Turkey as a refugee, and currently lives in Australia. She has over 23K followers on instagram and her posts combine fashion, sexuality, art, feminism and queerness. I’ve been following Newsha for a while and when I realized she was queer I nearly went into cardiac arrest. Can you say dream girl?

You can learn more about Newsha in interviews with Playboy and For Love and Lemons.

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I want to marry her 100 times ❤✨⭐

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2. Sabrina Haley, @the.lonewolf

Allow us to introduce you to Newsha’s ~girlfriend~! Also insanely sexy, Sabrina Haley slays the ‘gram with her edgy style, tattoos, and painfully hot looks. Learn more about her here.

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Ugh. I just can’t get enough of them together.

3. Juliana Huxtable, @JulianaHuxtable

Juliana Huxtable is an artist, DJ, model and poet who lives in NYC. “Huxtable not only celebrates her own body but also draws critical attention to the gaze and interrogates preconceived notions of race, gender, and queer sexuality.” She is also hot AF. Scroll through her Instagram for more of her blue lipstick, daring outfits, and general sexiness. Learn more about her art here.

4. Ourfa Zinali, @ourfazinali

Ourfa Zinali is one of instagram’s most popular makeup artists. Serving high femme realness, her outfits are always on point and her highlight is always blinding. Whenever I get my makeup done at Sephora (which is more often than I’d like to admit) I bring a picture of Ourfa.

Check out her YouTube channel for makeup tutorials and more.

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5. Shantell Martin,  @Shantell_Martin

Shantell Martin is a “British visual artist best known for her stream-of-consciousness drawings and light projections.” She also has a ton of swag and sex appeal. Learn more here.

6. Theresa Carper,  @gaycolesprouse

Theresa Carper is a writer and producer from San Francisco. She describes her instragram as “mostly selfies” and I’m not complaining, cause, like, see for yourself:

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7. Danielle Cooper, @DanielleACooper

Danielle is the founder behind style blog She’s A Gent.”She’s A Gent strives to be anything, but ordinary. Being a woman in menswear speaks to that alone. I view ‘She’s A Gent’ as an ongoing project. I see myself as a way to connect not only to those who appreciate fashion and menswear but understand that it is not limited to one gender. She’s A Gent crosses barriers, merges ideas, and increases awareness to how anyone can dress!”

If you swoon over women in menswear like I do, I suggest proceeding with caution when looking at Danielle’s instagram. Cause it’s hot AF.

8. Ingrid Nilsen, @ingridnilsen

Ingrid Nilsen is a famous lesbian YouTube personality. Among her many accomplishments and talents, Ingrid was the first youtube personality to represent Covergirl Cosmetics, and she interviewed Barack Obama. She is also ridiculously gorgeous. Stalk her Instagram for soft femme vibes, sexy style, and her beautiful face. Check out her YouTube channel to learn more.

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9. Brittnay Vollmar, @brittnayvee

Brittnay Volmar is a beautiful working model living in Miami Florida. We love Brittnay’s style so much that we’ve featured her as Queer Girl Fashion Icon! Scroll through her Instagram and take in her boho chic swag.

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10. Rita Therese, @rita_therese__

Rita Therese is a writer, sex worker, artist and photographer. She is also one of the hottest people I have ever seen. Rita’s style is a perfect blend of soft and dark, sexy and sweet.

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