10 Lesbian-Friendly NYC Rooftop Bars To Bring Your Date This Weekend

Spring is the perfect season for rooftop dates!

Bust out the crop tops, babes. It’s spring. (OK fine we’ve been wearing crop tops year round but now it’s actually socially acceptable to.) I don’t know about you, dear reader, but the reason I love spring so much, the reason I get that giddy-flip-in-stomach-heart-flutter-I-love-New-York feeling, the reason I have a little more spring in my step and my depression is lifting… is to get drunk on expensive cocktails on chic rooftops surrounded by sexy people. Ugh, I have full body pleasure chills just thinking about it.

You know the feeling: you take that first sip of alcohol and feel your spirit start to soar. You take the perfect Instagram in that cute romper you’ve been dying to wear. You feel even more in love with your bae (or the girl you just met on Tinder). There’s a magic in the air. And that magic is rooftop season.

It’s been a long and painful winter but this weekend is FINALLY going to be bearably warm. You might need a light jacket but you’ll be warmed by booze and your babe, so get your cute queer ass to one of these 10 fabulous NYC rooftop bars this weekend. Cheers, dykes!

10. Night of Joy , Williamsburg

☀Night of Joy’s roof patio is open!✨

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My all-time favorite date spot. A dimly lit, sexy, eccentric vibe on the first floor– and a bright, lush, luxurious vibe on the rooftop. Order the Wölffer Rosé Cider, put on your shades, sit back and slay. If you’re an aspiring Insta-hoe like me, this is the bar for trendy photo ops.

9. Northern Territory, Greenpoint

Dare we say rooftop season has finally arrived? | 📸 @isabonthego

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This bar can definitely get a little fratty, I’m not gonna lie, but frat guys really aren’t as bad as they seem. The straights deserve their fun too. Anyway, I’d suffer through all the pastel shorts and button ups in the world just to experience the VIEW at Northern Territory. I”m just gonna say it– best in the city. Every time I’m up there I have the overwhelming desire to burst into tears over how much I love New York.

8. Vetro, Howard Beach

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OK, this might be a total change of scenery for you if you aren’t Italian. Most New Yorkers have no reason to traipse to Howard Beach unless they’re getting a slice of New Park Pizza or visiting their Sicilian grandparents, but might I tempt you with one of the most beautiful rooftops ever? It’s the spectacular views without the hipster crowds. Instead, you’re surrounded by meatballs and loud Italian families. For me, this is the most comforting surrounding on Earth. If you aren’t Italian and are looking to feel like you’re in an episode of the Sopranos, or Sh*t Italian Moms Say, this is as delightfully stereotypical as it gets. This is the go-to for spoiled brat sweet 16s– they always know the best spots.

7. Boxers, Hell’s Kitchen

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America’s favorite gay sports bar has a rooftop, bitches. And brunch. Say it with me: YYYAAAASSSSSS.

6. Output, Williamsburg

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What’s better than dancing your ass off to sexy techno beats while breathing in fresh air and taking in beautiful NYC? Nothing, that’s what. There’s a reason Output’s rooftop always has a line– it’s one of the best party spots in Brooklyn.

5. Bookmarks Longue, The Library Hotel, Midtown

We see spring -and wine- on the horizon.

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*Heart eyes.* I swoon every time I think about this charming and sexy bar on top of my beloved Library Hotel. It’s intimate and has a ton of character. Once you are two glasses of wine deep, I guarantee you’ll be impulsively booking a room on your phone. Once you walk in The Library Hotel, it’s hard to want to leave. It’s that romantic. If your date is a book and wine lover, there is no better rooftop bar to whisk her away to.

4. Birreria, Eataly Flatiron

Honestly thinking of being surrounded by a massive amount of meats and cheeses is turning me on. Deep breathes. If you want to be stunned by an enormous, multi-story Italian super market, and then have a drink on an absolutely gorgeous rooftop, look no further than Birreria, located on the roof of mega-market and restaurant attraction, Eataly. This is an experience your bae will be v impressed by, trust me, darling. Cheese boards and outdoor gardens are the ultimate aphrodisiacs.

3. Brooklyn Mirage , East Williamsburg

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A multi-story TURN UP palace. The notorious Brooklyn Mirage boasts floors of nonstop partying and music. If dancing to a sunset (or sunrise) is on your summer bucket list, get your butt to The Brooklyn Mirage. It’s legendary among the electronic music scene. Go find out why.

2. Le Bain, The Standard Hotel, Meatpacking

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Do I need to convince you why Le Bain is cool? No. It’s iconic for a reason. Just go. But if you’re scared of heights, do not go close to the edge. You’ll totes throw up your vodka soda.

1. Gallow Green , The McKittrick Hotel, Chelsea

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My favorite rooftop bar, ever. Located in The McKittrick Hotel, home of the critically acclaimed (AND F*CKING COOL AF) production Sleep No More, Gallow Green is dressed up as a Scottish train station hidden amidst lush greenery. It’s stunning, ornate, and somewhat mysterious. Their signature cocktails are to die for. If you do one thing this summer, let it be brunch at Gallow Green.

What’s your favorite rooftop bar? Let us know in the comments!

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