Beats & Babes: 10 Queer And Lez DJs To Follow On Instagram Today

DJs are the glue that holds the scene together!

It’s about to be the weekend, babes. And I don’t know about you but this week has dragged on and on and on! I’m personally ready to be basking in the sun and dancing all night at queer parties.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the people who hold queer nightlife together, people who are the seams of our community β€” and realized DJs are just that.

Not only do they keep the music vibing at all of our nation’s amazing queer events, but they are the glue that holds us together. Afterall aren’t we united by music and dancing?

Here are ten of my all-time favorite queer and lez DJs who give us a space to be free and feel liberated through dance, baby! So follow these amazing babes on Instagram right now!


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BEARCAT is a member of the all womxn DJ collective DISC WOMAN and if you haven’t seen her live, then add her to your list for all the summer parties you want to pop off at. She described herself as a “Black british bitch, music producer, sound designer, dance floor therapist and exorcist.” She will get your booty popping and can be found at a bevy of queer events around Brooklyn.

Amber Valentine

I think that Amber Valentine was the first lez DJ I experienced when I moved to NYC! And what a better introduction to the queer scene than this fab queen? Valentine has been giving us queer babes a place to get down and funky for literally years. Talk about glue holding our dear community together: She. Is. It. You can find her every MISSTER Wednesday at The Woods where all the hot lezzies are. She also collaborates with JD Samson to host PAT at Union Pool once a month.

DJ Adair

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DJ Adair took the scene by storm with her new skills last year and has been on fire ever since. You can now find her name plastered on almost every queer party in Brooklyn β€” she’s a busy bee always giving us a space to let loose. She curates Haute Sauce which is a “BK based collective of womyn celebrating the black & brown experience by creating spaces that support cultural & creative inclusivity.” She also has current residencies at Rose Gold Brooklyn.

Tikka Masala

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What I love about DJ Tikka Masala is that she covers such a wide range of events. You can find her weekly at Henrietta Hudson, but she also gives us a chance to experience her beats regularly at fancy Gala afterparties and her new monthly curation Cheers Queers at Friends and Lovers. Tikka Masala brings us all together with her classic R&B, Dancehall, and HipHop jams. Also, if you follow her on Facebook you get an insiders look at what she sees from the DJ booth β€” including hilarious hookups and dancing mishaps!

Rosy Q

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I was at an event Upstate this past Fall with a friend of mine and we were like reallllly feeling the music. I turned to my friend and asked “Who is this DJ?! They’re incredible!” Turns out, it was DJ Rosy Q! She finds really creative ways to fuze your old classic favorites (like Fleetwood Mac) with modern beats. Honestly, I had never been so impressed. I also love me a badass femme DJ.

DJ GoodBoy

There are some people who just exude amazing and positive energy β€” Morgan GoodBoy is one of them. She empowers the LA queer and lez scene with her DJ sets that are filled with as much goodness as she attains in her spirit. You can find her on Instagram beaming a smile, often flying a rainbow flag behind her.


UNIIQU3 started off her fire career in Jersey City as a vocalist and she now resides as a DJ and producer. “She is on a mission to inspire others by proving to the world that you can do whatever you want as long as you work hard and stay true to yourself,” says her Facebook page. And while she might originate from the Tri-State area, she now travels globally for festivals and shows bringing you booty bouncing music everywhere she goes.

DJ Culi

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Do you need some more Latina-inspired music in your life? Then DJ Culi is your girl. She’s Henrietta Hudson’s resident Wednesday night DJ and when she walks through the doors, you know it’s about to be fire.

Robi D Light

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DJ Robi D Light can be found popping around queer parties throughout Manhattan β€” and everywhere she goes, she brings her positive vibe and work ethic. Robi collaborates with so many different artists and event venues because her DJ style is something that brings people from all walks of life together.

JD Samson

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Would this list even be complete without JD Samson?! Obviously not! JD has been around in the queer music scene since the early 2000’s with Le Tigre and then her project MEN. Her work always takes a feminist standpoint and seems to bring out the best in the community, as PAT at Union Pool is one of the most popular queer parties in Brooklyn!

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