The Best In Queer Travel

Frequent Flyer Fantasies

We know, your vacation fund isn’t as fat as it used to be. But now’s the time to stuff your piggy bank, tabulate your frequent flyer miles and start planning a trip to somewhere far, far away: Tokyo, Japan or Queensland, Australia.

Chick Trips!

There’s always sunshine somewhere! Women exclusive travel companies
Maui Surfer Girls and Women on a Roll are ready to prove it with trips
that promise plenty of year-round outdoor adventure fun.


Our neighbor to the northeast is a warm, welcoming haven, as cosmopolitan as it is quaintly historic, with year-round indoor and outdoor fun for all.

Re-Treat Yourself

Don’t be fooled by the remote locations of these bed and breakfasts; each one is lesbian-owned and -operated and sure to make you feel right at home. We found B&B’s from New England, Key West, Colorado, the West Coast, Michigan and even Utah. There’s a place for you anywhere in the country.

Summer’s Great Escapes

Need a cure for post-Pride blues? New Hope, Philadelphia, Asbury Park, and Fire Island are homo-friendly hangouts just a stone’s throw from NYC. You could be there and back before nightfall, although you probably won’t want to leave!

Isn’t it Romantic?

Get the most out of your V-Day Travels with locales that will heat you up and cool you down


There’s No Place Like Emerald City

A Weekend In Paris

Gay Paris, the city of lights, the city of romance, of fine wine, cheese, and pastries…it’s the ultimate historical vacation destination. The most visited city in the world is naturally diverse, so grab your favorite pair of comfortable walking shoes, pack a bag and get your jet set for la visite tres chic

Hot Cocoa & A Plane Ticket: An Amster-damn Good Time

For the girls who crave more than just “getting away” this winter, now is the time to start planning that fabulous, far-off vacation. Whether you’re a snowbird flocking to winter heat, or an ardent embracer of the cold, there are several great global destinations awaiting you.

Autumn In New York

Remember the first time you heard Billie Holiday crooning the lyrics,
“Autumn in New York, why does it seem so inviting?
Autumn in New York, it spells the thrill of first-nighting.”
and you thought, “What the hell’s first nighting?” Well, unfortunately, we still have no idea what that means but here’s a short list of inviting activities to make sure your autumn in New York is as colorful as the foliage in Central Park.

Fabulous Fall Getaways

As the weather turns crisp and Manhattan prepares for another long winter (or whatever global warming has in store for us), head out to one of these fun and fabulous destinations, and spend a weekend immersed in history, serenity and a martini or two.

A Weekend In Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Well, someone must have leaked the good news: Sin City is the fastest growing locale in the country. It has the scenery, the entertainment, the food, the luxury, and the girls to make it a superb destination for lesbians.

Winter Break

Whether you prefer to heat up or chill out, choose to beat those winter blues in one of these sizzling locales.