Workin’ It (Part 2) 2009

The Rest of the Best Of 2009’s Red Hot Entrepreneurs

Colleen Finn
Owner, Recesstime Sports Leagues

If you need to release some post-work angst, join Colleen Finn at Recesstime Sports Leagues (RSL) in Portland, Oregon. Finn provides nostalgic recreational outlets for co-ed adults 21 and over. RSL offers bowling, kickball, dodgeball and mushball leagues year-round catering to approximately 6,000 young-at-heart adults. She started Recesstime from the realization that all of her lifelong friends had grown out of playing sports, both those from the neighborhood where she grew up and her teammates from high school and college leagues. A St. Louis native, Finn is a self-described “expert in organizing fun and creating balance between competition and pure playground joy.” Finn wanted to provide a welcoming social experience for all participants to meet, greet, compete, and then soothe bruised egos and turf burns at local watering holes after the games. Whether you’re an RSL All-Star or more interested in bedazzling your uniform, there’s a place for you!

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