The U.S. Reports Smallest Daily Rise In COVID-19 Cases In Four Weeks

“The Covid-19 pandemic remains a threat and preparations may take longer and look a little different.”

On Monday, the United States has reported over 47,000 new coronavirus cases, the smallest daily increase of COVID-19 cases in almost four weeks.

According to data from John Hopkins University, the worldwide number of COVID-19 cases passed 18 million on Monday as well. The United States accounts for more than a fourth of the count and holds a death toll currently approaching 155,000 people.

“The Covid-19 pandemic remains a threat and preparations may take longer and look a little different,” said North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper.

Cooper’s state has declared a state of emergency over impending tropical storm Isaias. Florida has also taken some precautions for the incoming storm, including closing some state-supported testing centers through Tuesday. The southernmost state is hard-hit according to the Florida Department of Health, reporting over 7,000 new cases on Monday for a total of more than 481,000 COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Washington, D.C. has also closed some testing sites through Tuesday.

However, White House coronavirus response coordinator Deborah Birx noted on Sunday that the pandemic has reached a more widespread stage than ever in the United States. Birx noted that residents are still at high risk of catching the virus and that schools should use distance learning procedures instead of opening for in-person classes.

According to an analysis of Johns Hopkins University data by the Wall Street Journal, the spread of coronavirus appears to be slowing in some states — like California and Florida — but increasing in others — like Massachusetts, Maryland, and New Jersey.

States are working hard to try to get the coronavirus under control as the summer ends and students face returning to classrooms for the start of the school year. Republicans and Democrats are also deadlocked over a new economic relief package that’s meant to offer more help to those struggling in the pandemic, including an additional $600 a week unemployment benefit.

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