The Summer Just Got A Little Hotter: The Dinah Announced Its DJ Lineup!

“It’s about to be [lit] with these badass babes behind the deck!!!”

This summer just got a little hotter with the Dinah Shore dropping its roster of DJs who will spin at this year’s event. 

The Dinah announced this year’s line-up in an Instagram post. The featured DJs will be Alex D, China G, Goodboy Morgan, Les Ortiz, Miss M, Ressie Cups, Tatiana, Val G, and Zehno.

“It’s about to be [lit] with these badass babes behind the deck!!!,” the post reads. 

The Dinah returns this year for its 30th anniversary, after being on hiatus last year due to the Covid pandemic. It’s scheduled to take place September 29 through October 3 at the Hilton Hotel and Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, California. 

This year’s event will feature a set of dance parties, three pool parties, a comedy show, and a black and white ball, among other events. Featured performers announced so far include non-binary actor and artist Kat Cunning, who will appear at the Friday Pool Party. Other talent will be announced later this summer.

The Dinah Shore is the world’s largest event for lesbian and queer women, and non-binary persons. Recently, Dinah founder Mariah Hanson spoke with GO about this year’s event.

GO Magazine: What are you most excited about for The Dinah this year?

Mariah Hanson: We are excited that we can finally produce our 30th Anniversary! Waiting a year and a half to offer such a huge milestone has been difficult but the response from our customers has been affirming. Our customer’s support of the event the last 18 months has carried us through this difficult time and made all of us even more committed to producing the best Dinah ever imagined!
GO: What safety measures is your team taking re: COVID-19?
MH:We will comply with all current guidelines from the CDC to the State, county and local Government. Since those protocols change regularly, we will announce the latest protocol in September but currently the State is recommending either proof of vaccination or proof of recent Covid test.
GO: How can we expect this year to be different? The same?
MH:We have a solid Dinah formula that we follow but I do believe this year will be especially magical as we can finally gather again and celebrate together the resilience of our community, and the beauty of The Dinah, where we come together to celebrate our lives, our community and our hope for a better tomorrow.
GO: Will there be dancing? If so, under what restrictions?
MH:We’ll leave that to the CDC’s guidelines in September and we are watching other events taking place prior to help us navigate the best and safest event. I imagine dancing will be allowed outside and we’ll wait to see what the protocol is for inside spaces. Thankfully the [Palm Springs Convention Center] is huge and so I imagine we have enough space to open up to comply with inside protocols.
GO: What has given you hope and kept you going throughout these unprecedented times?
MH:Our customers have been amazing. The compassion and support was beyond anything I could have imagined or hoped for. The experience cemented how important this event is to our community. I feel forever grateful The Dinah’s amazing messaging and experience has had such a powerful impact on our community. My entire staff and I are inspired to continue to produce as meaningful and community-building an event as humanly possible.
GO: What was the response last year when you postponed Now that you’re back on for this year, what response have you received?
MH:The response was mostly very compassionate. It was a scary time for people, myself included, and so we understood the urgency some people felt and accommodated as best we could. But primarily we received support and compassion and it really made the difference for us and helped us remain hopeful during such a bleak time.

GO: Do you think community will mean even more now, after we’ve been apart for so long?

MH: Indeed, I do. I think we have all experienced first hand how important our community is and that the simple act of getting together became a privilege and that reinforced just how important events such as The Dinah are. We bring people together, help create connection and community for all. The Dinah’s message has always been one of community and female identified empowerment.

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